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    C/++/# Optimize C++ to use for computational physics?

    Using a linear algebra library like armadillo could be a good start (uses lapack). Then you also have the nice feature of various prebuilt matrix structures and classes. Although it is fun to play with the nitty-gritty low level stuff yourself as well. One handy tips is to use optimization...
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    Why not use electricity directly instead of hydrogen

    Just to answer this. It's already being done large scale on Iceland. (sorry for barely related article, tablet and not on University network)
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    Studying Does only the application really matter?

    While this is true, it is also a debated amongst government and politicians. Which has great outcomes for funding. This prevailing view of applicability (in my country atleast) has had a negative impact on science. Answer to original question: I've always felt that engineering /applicable...
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    Python Python on Windows 7

    I would consider to dualbooth some linux distro if it is not too inconvienient, or otherwise impossible. Most people I've heard of that has tried both tell me that it is a big hassle getting most of the scientific software packages working on Windows.
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    Physics About theoretical research

    I can't really say that this reflects my own experience working on computer stuff. (Co-developing a new parallel PiC (particle-in-cell, plasma) program) We easily spend a third of the 'coding time (when we are productive) discussing problems, algorithms, alternative algorithms, test scenarious...
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    LaTeX Why use LaTeX?

    Cross referencing was horribly implemented for equations the last time I used word. Doing changes to an entire document is hard, style changes etc. You can make figures directly in latex by gnuplot (by tixz) , paste code directly from a document.
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    Open source for FE / Fluid Analysis? Open source FEM tools.
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    Norske, anyone?

    The classic Peer Gynt is also really good, if you are of a existential bent. There is at least 100 000 books and radioplays on the page. (annoying to make link on tablet)
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    Norske, anyone?

    Yeah, I think most Norwegian books will be expensive due to a few publishers having a stranglehold on most of the business. And few readers per author. But there is free legal digital scan of the book here I realised you...
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    Norske, anyone?

    Den siste nattkrigeren, if you can get hold of it.
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    Info Request: "Latex Search Engine"?

    Detexify. You can draw symbols and you get latex code from that. Edit; reread and realised you were after something else
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    Cronyism and Nepotism in Job Market

    I can agree with the sentiment of your post and I've seen very few people get permanent positions without some kind of recommendation. Rather temporary positions before getting a permanent position. And I But from this passage it strikes me that you should have two great connections here, and...
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    Book on climate science

    "Global Warming: The Complete Briefing", John Houghton, 4th edition, Cambridge University Press, 2009 This is an introductory overview, written by one of the ipcc head people. It's quite nontechnical. Atmosphere, Ocean and Climate Dynamics: An Introductory Text", John Marshall and R. Alan...
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    Quick Calculus book uses Δ by itself, ex: (ln(x+Δ)-lnx)/Δ

    The author can use whatever symbol s/he wants? I've seen x +Δx, x + Δ, x+h. A book should usually be consistent in that it uses the same notation, but be used to several different notations for the same thing. Different notations usually have upsides depending on what is being discussed.
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    Trouble with parrallelizing for loop with openMP, cpp

    I will remove the if parts and do some timing tests after a weeks vacation :) This is basically exactly what I have. Can it still not happen that two threads try to update atom->sum_of_forces at the same time? I was quite confused while writing it, so no wonder it is confusing. The for...