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    Can someone explain how they got this?

    The question was: A solid cylinder or radius 10cm (.1m) and mass 12kg starts from rest and rolls without slipping a distance L=6m down a roof that is inclined at the angle 30 degrees. What is the angular speed of the cylinder about its center as it leaves the roof? Step 1: I got the...
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    Torque, have answer, need explanation

    Force F= (2.0N)i - (3.0N) k acts on a pebble with position vector r= (0.50m)j - (2.0m)k relative to the origin. In unit vector notation, what is the resulting torque about a) the origin and b) the point (2.0m, 0, -3.0m)? Okay, I got the answers and their right. For both (-1.5)i - (4.0)j...
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    Torque homework help

    Thanks! I got it.
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    Torque homework help

    Force F = (4.59 N)i - (6.29 N)k acts on a pebble with position vector r = (3.46 m)j - (4.51 m)k, relative to the origin. What is the resulting torque acting on the pebble about (a) the origin and (b) a point with coordinates (3.16 m, 0, -4.97 m)? *The force F is a vector, as is r, I just...
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    Can someone explain this to me.

    When your dealing with the x-component in projectile motion you work with the cosine of some angle. Yet, when your working with the x-component in force you work with the sin of some angle on inclined plane. It may seem like a silly question, but it keeps confusing me on my homework problems.