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    Do any of you use Linux? If so, which distribution?

    Why?. Even on UEFI, it shouldn't be that hard.
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    Do any of you use Linux? If so, which distribution?

    I do. I have dual booted Fedora 27 and Windows 10. I find my self always selecting Fedora from the grub menu, because it feels so smooth and refined, even though the battery life is not good. On windows 10, in general usage, I get around 8 hours of battery on my laptop, but on Fedora, same usage...
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    First self driving car fatality

    She didn't tripped. I saw the dash cam footage. She came out from shadows. The car didn't even try to brake as it seemed, so clearly the car didn't identify the lady. Driver was looking down somewhere not watching ahead so he missed it too. But the way it happened, I mean it happened very...
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    Discussion about Windows 10

    I want to get the creators update. My windows build is pretty old, haven't undergone any updating. Since I'm on a limited internet connection, I'd like to know how many GBs it'll need to download the creators update. Any idea?
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    I love my smartphone

    What happens if I often let my battery temperature rise to or above 40 Celsius? (charging in hot weather conditions and playing games while charging bla bla)
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    I love my smartphone

    Hey, any Android user would tell you how much hate the EMUI interface of Huawei gets. I myself too have hated it. But now surprisingly I've become loving it. I really am loving it. (my phone is a Huawei btw). Well I've Nova launcher too, but I prefer the EMUI because, it looks so fantastic with...
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    I love my smartphone

    Thanks for all the information. Interesting. I was looking for a smart watch but never wanna spend a fortune on one. I think your particular watch is more than enough for what I expect. Anyways, I'll search. Thanks again.
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    I love my smartphone

    You got all these for just $17?. Or my what a bargain. Really. Did you buy it on Amazon or e-bay? Well it may not function perfectly but for 17 bucks with all those features, man you've got a day!
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    Why colonize Mars and not the Moon?

    Why is Mars have a higher gravity? Is it denser than the earth despite being smaller? Mars atmosphere is being taken away by solar winds. How can that help in making the Mars a backup place for human beings? It would be impossible to terraform Mars if it can't keep its atmosphere with it!
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    I love my smartphone

    I wish it wouldn't catch fire. I'll never trust a $30 used phone to sleep with me! Li-ion batteries possess the risk of catching fire, specially a used Chinese phone. Keep it away from things that can catch fire immediately like your mattress. Besides didn't you get the sarcastic tone of my...
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    I love my smartphone

    does it sing songs until you fell asleep?
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    I love my smartphone

    Bought a 16GB micro SD few days ago with 'life time warranty' for 1300 Sri Lankan rupees (about US$12). A hell of a deal. Also the reading and writing speeds are good!
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    Arthur C Clarke's space ships -- propulsion discussion

    I've read Sir Arthur C Clerk's space odyssey series and curious of the propulsion technologies used in those ships. Ships like Universe and Galaxy of space odyssey 2061 use just water. The fiction speaks of "muon propulsion" too. The main spacecrafts that we see in his 'space odyssey' series...
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    Courses Help me to determine the better course!

    Here are the course contents of some software engineering degree programs. Please help me to decide which is the better program to follow. 1. BEng(Hons) Software Engineering Course Modules Year 1- Level 4 Computer Science Practice Computer Systems Fundamentals Programming Principles I...
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    Solar Energy Conversion at Night

    What about using a desert?