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    Thermocouple connection

    So, it's been confirmed that one end has to be a junction, or else the thermocouple will not work well. But I still have no explanation for why this is so.
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    Thermocouple connection

    I want to measure the temperature of a metal stage where I am holding a sample. What I have done is to clamp both wires from a thermocouple against the stage using a bolt and washer. Supposedly this is not the best practice but I don't see why this would be a problem. I have read that you are...
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    Programs Is an engineering degree worth going into depression for?

    Because he ASKED for advice, and that's what everyone here is giving him. You obviously have a problem with what I said, but I see nothing wrong with it. I said medications are not the answer to real emotional problems. That doesn't imply that they are never the answer, and I don't see how...
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    Programs Is an engineering degree worth going into depression for?

    Well first of all, I even started my post with a caveat that I shouldn't advise him without knowing him. Others have advised him to take the drugs. Isn't that equally bad given that they know as little as I do about the situation? I said to "be wary", not to ignore all doctors. If you ask...
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    If sound travels faster through solids then why can't we hear through doors?

    I'm not an acoustics expert, but there are reflection losses at the two interfaces between door and air, just as there are for light between two materials of significantly different refractive index. I would guess that's the main loss, but maybe someone else can correct me.
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    Programs Is an engineering degree worth going into depression for?

    Sure, engineering can be good for getting a job, but it's not like everyone else ends up lying in a ditch. And anyway, then the question becomes "is a job worth depression?". Only you can tell whether there is something else which you would rather be pursuing but are not. There is nothing...
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    Programs Is an engineering degree worth going into depression for?

    I'm no psychologist, and I don't feel I should really be advising you without knowing you. But it seems obvious where your problems are stemming from if you say your parents will think you are a failure unless you complete this task which is clearly not what you want to do. It is right for you...
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    Programs Questions about Undergrad Degree in Physics

    People can get into good graduate programs from pretty much any undergrad college or university, even if it isn't that highly ranked. There are a lot of schools out there. You know what the really prestigious schools are; beyond that just buy one of those big college guide books and do some...
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    Problems with physics labs

    I never felt comfortable in labs in undergrad, but I think I am fairly competent working in a REAL lab, on my own research. I would suggest trying to get some research experience before writing off experimental work entirely. Certain people take a little longer to understand hands on work than...
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    AP Phys, have i done something bad?

    It sounds like they are talking about a college physics course which students may place out of if they took AP Physics B. Since most students who go into science or engineering take AP Physics B in high school, such a college course is usually taken by non-majors who just need to fill a...
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    AP Phys, have i done something bad?

    I have no idea where you heard that AP Phys B was a bad choice for engineering. It's not possible to be a competent engineer of any type without a solid understanding of that material, in fact it's only scratching the surface of what you need to know. For mech E/aeronautical, chem will help...
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    Am I actually learning Calculus?

    In my high school students did not take calculus until their final year (12), even if they were strong in math. Year 11 was precalculus, covering the sort of things you are describing. Maybe more of the core calculus topics are covered next year.
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    Bad not to participate in activities outside classroom with fellow grad students?

    Why would you even ask this? You already have friends and you aren't interested - sounds like you made your mind up already.
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    Basic question regarding applied voltage and circuits

    What do you mean 2 kV isn't relative to anything? It's relative to ground, since the power supply is grounded. The metal sphere may have a small charge on it, but you can bet it is very nearly at ground as well, especially since it's been touched recently. It is not the case that you need to...
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    Why is work a scalar?

    Wikipedia, on the work-energy theorem: Why insist on understanding work without any reference to energy? Energy is the more fundamental quantity.