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    Can't do this supremum question

    Oh crap..... For whatever reason, i parsed "b" to be the number such that it is greater than AND equal to an. Thank you. So b is a set of numbers that satisfy an≤ b right?
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    3 part sup/inf question

    This is from NL Carother's Real analysis. Question 2 of chapter 1
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    Can't do this supremum question

    1. Homework Statement here's the picture and it's the second part of question 5: 2. Homework Equations N/A 3. The Attempt at a Solution so by intuition, I suspect that b = sup{a_n: n is in the natural numbers} If we can show that, then it will...
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    Guidance to advanced Calculus

    Go do ALL QUESTIONS in Michael Spivak's "Calculus". Then go do ALL QUESTIONS in "Vector Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Differential Forms: A Unified Approach" by John Hubbard and Barbara Burke Hubbard. You should be fine and ready to kill Real Analysis. In fact, your level of mathematical...
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    Programs Question about the math degree (for those who have completed it)

    When you've complete the math degree, did you feel like you got your education's worth and money's worth? I have a few goals in mind that i would like to complete in math: Start from axioms and build up geometry Construct the real numbers know what's happening in calculus in a deeper...
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    Studying Textbook or online website with Epsilon-Delta Proofs?

    Re: textbook or online website with A TON OF EPSILON DELTA PROOFS?! I'm looking for somethijng a bit easier. well alot easier.. But i'll definitely check it out. Something that first year math majors are expected to do. I also have average intelligence.
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    Studying Textbook or online website with Epsilon-Delta Proofs?

    I don't do well by just reading a proof and internalizing it. I need problems to solve and would LOVE to internalize epsilon delta proofs by practicing 100s of them. It's how I got decent at integrals. It's how anybody gets good at math and music and in general your craft right? I Don't know a...
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    Engineering Can I get back into science/engineering after leaving?

    NO YOU FOOL! Take it! And i hope that was sarcasm on your last part too... TAKE THE DAM JOB BECAUSE EXPERIENCE >NOTHING! You can do physics field any other time but right now you should get a job!
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    Background for Analysis and Topology

    Is it weird that my school's real analysis is a course on topology and metric space? I'm only first year but that's what my calculus teacher told me when i asked what real analysis was. He told me the course content for real analysis course at my school was metric space and topology. I keep on...
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    Engineering Physics advice please

    1. yes you can 2.depends on what you want. Take my words with a grain of salt. I'm in 1st year haha.
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    Engineering Which Engineer Actually Uses the Most Math?

    Then take the math courses.
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    Programs Which major do i take if i want to learn how a computer works?

    I'm actually in mathematics now. But i'm finding that it's just pure mathematics. I want a more applied approach to it than just proving things day in and day out.
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    Programs Which major do i take if i want to learn how a computer works?

    One of my life goals is to really just learn how a computer works. I want to learn all the mathematics it takes to understand how a computer works, i want to know the history of it, i want to basically go back to first principles of how a computer works and understand how it evolved into it's...
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    Strongest Undergraduate Programs in Canada?

    No i raelly don't think AP calculus has epsilon delta proofs or much proofs at all for that matter. I've never been in an AP calculus course but it's just not going to be the same as the course i've listed. The calculus link that i've given is a full year course. You have to take it for 2...
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    Strongest Undergraduate Programs in Canada?

    If you come to carleton, you'll have to take a first year calculus and algebra class. here's a sample of what we're doing now in algebra << teaching this class this term. << he doesn't teach...