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    Computer system curious question

    1) . i bought a guaranteed good 1700+ from them back in the day that was absolutly fantastic. i always regretted selling it :-/ 2) Muskin is the best memory, hands down. I have a muskin longsleeve shirt cause im awesome like that :D however, due to the price its no...
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    I have a problem

    some games have a -window command line option which makes them, well, a small window you can drag around. i dont know if thats what you wanted but i cant figure out what else you would. RTFM, dude.
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    Dichotomy - is man flawed

    I dont think he means physical flaws, he means that we all do things that arent the best. We all are selfish, we all work towards our own self interest.
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    Computer system curious question

    Well, yes. It has a default voltage of 1.45v so I could get higher speeds at a lower voltage than with a regular 2400+. Heat however isnt an issue, I believe I'm 10C above ambient, thats a lot (to me, I'm a little too insane :D) but since its 10C if I'm OC'd or not, that speaks highly of...
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    Is Intel Prescott 64bit processor?

    TECHNICALLY it is Prescott has 64 bit extensions, HOWEVER theyre not enabled, and won't be enabled for the current socket. When they move to the new one (757 I believe?) there are plans to turn it on.
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    Harnessing energy from gravity

    Itll only cool if it hits something cooler. I suspect the steam would be going very, very fast under all the pressure so in an insulated system (esp surrounded by much much hotter rock) it not only wont have time to cool off, it wont have anywhere to cool off to the advantage to that is you...
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    Harnessing energy from gravity

    youre going to want something A LOT bigger than 10 foot. As in a 50 foot diameter pump.
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    Atom model wrong?

    Thats why its called a "theory"
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    Where to buy bulk chemicals?

    Yes it isnt dangerous, however it produces Acetelyne gas which is extremely flammable. They use it in blowtorches afterall.
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    Dichotomy - is man flawed

    Even saying that herasy is bad because isn't doubt just another form of a flaw? As for a messiah, that has always bothered me. Possibly that is why I don't find myself religious anymore (agonstic is probabily the best description), too many flaws in the thinking. However, most religions do...
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    Losing | wining | learning | pride

    Losing is the best way to learn. If you always get what you want, why would you bother to better yourself? A child who is handed everything in life will most likely grow up an aloof individual who does not know how to get what they want unless it's handed to them, while a child who didn't have...
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    Air pressure vs explosive pressure

    Alright, this might be a dumb question.. my friend and I are in a little debate. I have built two kinds of "potato cannons": one uses the force of a acetelyne gas + oxygen reaction for the energy (single explosion, flings it far). The other uses actual compressed air: I would pump air into a...
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    Where to buy bulk chemicals?

    batteries. use no oxygen, cheap to replace, last longer, and much less accidents.
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    Converting latitude/longitude to Cartesian coords?

    Does anyone have a quick method to do this?
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    Where to buy bulk chemicals?

    actually i just found a place that ships 500g (plenty) for $8, not sure on shipping, but im sure its not that much. after all, the substance isnt dangerous by itself and only really reactive with water