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    News Richard Dawkins would have an Aneurysm

    Astronuc, I think you’re missing my point entirely. I completely respect freedom of religion, and if these corporations choose to express their religious opinions on television, I have no problem with that. What I have a huge problem with is that there are people who label children by the...
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    News Richard Dawkins would have an Aneurysm

    By the way, to anyone who might question this, I think this post is appropriate here. I believe it very much falls under the category of world affairs, because we’re dealing with the well being of children, and therefore society as a whole.
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    News Richard Dawkins would have an Aneurysm

    I thought that other Richard Dawkins fans might be interested in this. Not too long ago, I was flipping through the channels, and I was going through the religious networks when I saw a program entitled Tiny Tots for Jesus. I was so appalled that I turned on the information for the program and...
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    Green Meteor

    Hello, I have a question for the astronomy people here. Last night I was outside around 10 P.M, and at one point I just happened to be staring up into the western sky when I saw one of the brightest, most beautiful meteors I have ever seen. The weird thing is that it had a faint green tint to...
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    Arc Length Problem

    Sure Bohrok, but before I tried to use latex and it didn't work. So I'm going to have to write it out the weird obnoxious way, but this it the only way I can type it. I'm sorry about this, and hopefully I'll be able to use Latex soon. Also, I can’t guarantee maximum clarity since the author of...
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    Arc Length Problem

    Homework Statement Hello, I have an arc length problem that I’m stuck on, and I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out. I understand the arc length formula and everything, it’s evaluating the integral produced by it. The author in the book I got this problem from tells the...
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    Indefinite Integral of (1/x^2)

    Hmmm....okay, I'll buy that. But why is n negative 2? If I'm raising the whole thing to the power of 2, why isn't n just positive 2? Thank you!
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    Indefinite Integral of (1/x^2)

    Homework Statement Hello, first of all I would like to apologize for the fact that this question is extremely trivial compared to the other questions being asked. I have a improper integral problem, and the entire problem itself is not relevant, because I understand everything in it except...
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    Dancing Orbs and Strange White Light

    Hello, I wanted to make a post about this, because this is a topic that has bothered me for a very long time. I live in a very mountainous region, and I just recently discovered that there have been stories going around this area for a long time about something that I saw when I was much...
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    Is it possible to self study deep physics?

    Hmmm, well maybe I could major in chemistry for now, and minor in mathematics? Then I could take physics classes for all my electives and then major in physics later on? Would that be too much?
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    Is it possible to self study deep physics?

    Hey, I am currently planning on majoring in chemistry, but I am obsessed with physics as well. The school I plan on going to only offers physics as a minor degree, and I can think of many more practical things that I would want to do with chemistry than physics. Still, I like physics more, just...
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    Origin of y=mx+b

    Hello, could someone please explain to me why the equation y=mx+b uses 'm' for slope and 'b' for y-intercept? This has always bothered me for some reason.
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    Quantum Mechanics

    Hello, I was just wondering, is quantum mechanics something that you have to have lots of background in math, or can it be understood by someone without significant math education? I've never learned calculus, but I'm planning on starting to learn it very soon. I was thinking about watching some...
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    Trig Typo?

    b]1. Homework Statement [/b] Hey, I have a problem that I worked out in a trigonometry book. I got different answers from what the book gave, but I think that I am right and the book is wrong. Could someone please tell me who is right? Homework Equations Okay, they gave me the following...
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    Periodicity of Inverse Trigonometric Functions

    Whoa, that just clicked beautifully. THANK YOU! I'm pretty sure I understand what I'm doing now.