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    Paradox Solved

    i thought that was the twilight zone... either way, that was a really good episode!
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    What is nothing?

    my theory on "Why does the universe exist when matter and anti - matter should have cancelled each other out at the Big Bang leaving "nothing"?" is that the universe will eventually become nothing... it may have started from nothing, and i dont believe that it is possible to determine how the...
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    A simple explination of why clocks move faster in space

    i actually didnt say that, if you look back, chrisc said that. sorry for calling you guys dorks... eh heh
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    A simple explination of why clocks move faster in space

    i was talking about one thing, gravity, and its affect on atoms, and you changed to light... please stay on topic
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    A simple explination of why clocks move faster in space

    is that supposed to be an insult or something? dude, you are such a dork
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    Time travel and Multiverse Theory

    sorry, i dont think that whole paralell worldline thing is possible... if you go back in time and kill yourself, you changed history, so you dont know how you would react do you? maybe you would be able to kill yourself and still exist, because you existed to kill yourself, either that or you...
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    A simple explination of why clocks move faster in space

    i am sure that you all know experiments have been done with atomic clocks in outer space and it was found that the atomic clocks that had been in orbit of the earth were further ahead than the ones on earth, does this mean that you travel slightly faster through time while in orbit of the earth...
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    Is sound effected by air resistance?

    but wouldnt gravity pull it down and air slow it? i mean if it were like a beam? i understnad that sound is a wave, thats how radios work
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    Is sound effected by air resistance?

    heh, sorry, i got confused about where it went so then what causes sound to not be heard over a certian distance?
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    Is sound effected by air resistance?

    i was thinking... sound fades off over distance... does this happen because of air resistance? i know there are a ton of factors involved in this... but is this one of the more important ones in it? if anyone has any ideas please post them :D
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    Kind of hard to explain theory of a lot of everything

    right, i understand all that... light is a form of radiation... all that good stuff... but this other diemnsions stuff... i cant believe that, it doesnt make sense... nature is far more simple than people want to believe... there is nothing complex in it when you get down to the basics, its...
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    Will a conveyor belt push a hovercraft along?

    the hovercraft is displacing air beneath it... kind of like the bernouli effect but not exactly... no, the hovercraft will stay stationary with something moving under it... thats how they can float on water... the hovercraft makes an air pocket of sorts... which cushiones the craft from the...
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    Time and Indeterminacy vs. Continuity

    go put on a nasa suit and see if you can do a fast hand wave...
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    Time machine.

    i dont think we will ever be able to achieve time travel for 2 reasons... time isnt an element in itself, it doesnt keep a record of itself... and time travel would ruin the world, nothing would ever happen... hitler would be assasinated, then his assasin would be assasinated the day...
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    Kind of hard to explain theory of a lot of everything

    i cant explain everything, if i could i would... but ill explain what i have concluded through hours of boredom and wishing my classes at school were harder... according to the 10 dimensional theory... there was a 10 dimensional galaxy... and it split... that doesnt quite make sense...