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    A minor difficulty in PMF

    I got a minor stuck here... please help me. Ok the stat problem is ... a mail order business has 9 phone lines and x is the number of line in use at a specified time. pmf of X is given: x 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 P(x) .1 .15 .2 .25 .2 .06 .04 Calculate the probability of certain events I...
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    SOme help with intergration by parts,

    SOme help with intergration by parts, plz [b]1. Find: \int e^x cos (x) dx The Attempt at a Solution I tried using integration by parts - what we are working on... all these 3 possibilities: u = cos x, u= e^x, u = e^x cos(x) And the \int vdu are, respectively: 1. \int e^x sin(x) dx...
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    Need help: integration by substitution.

    Hello all, how are you? we are currently working on integration by substitution, what do you guys think about the way i solved this one: Find: \int \frac{(t+1)^2}{t^2} dt My solution: \int \frac{(t+1)^2}{t^2} dt = \int 1dt + \int \frac{2}{t} dt + \int \frac{1}{t^2} dt = t +...
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    Definite Integral prob

    Daniel, yeah thanks for the code... i meant k\int_{0}^{3} e^{-0.25 x}{}dx =1 HallsofIvy, Uh... Thats the same word from the problem in the book... and yes, thats the integral from 0 to 3... Im not sure I know about the total integral.... Sorry about the confusion.
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    Definite Integral prob

    Sorry, my LaTeX code looks bad.
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    Definite Integral prob

    Hello, Okay so I was given a density function: f(x) = 2e^(-0.25x) The problem asks for the value of Pr(X < or = 3) I first figured out the probability density function first by let \int (3,0) k.25e^(-.25x) = 1 And figured out that k = .45 and continue solving my...
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    Around the corner problem?

    "Around the corner" problem? Hey, I got this assignment from my class... it asks for the maximum length for a bar in order to get it through a corner created by 2 hallways... Im provided with the width of the 2 hallways and that's it. Can someone gimme a suggestion? Thanks Nam
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    Need some suggestions.

    Hey... Im kinda got stuck with this problem... can you guys give me a hint or something... Problem says: The tangentline to the curve y=1/3 x^3 - 4x^2 + 18x + 22 is parallel to the line 6x - 2y = 1 at 2 points on the curve... find the 2 points. Well I was thinking about writing the...
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    Ice Cream and evolution.

    Oh hello This's just strange. We did a small project "Making ice-cream" You know, put milk and sugar and vanilla into a zimploc, place the pack into a bigger one stuffed with ice and salt. We've luckily gone through the questions he asked. But the last question just doesn't make sense to me...
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    How to distinguish linkage and crossover?

    I really dunno how to distinguish beween 2 things, it's based on the ratio right? Thanks
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    New to genetics

    Well, I'm also a new one to genetics. I'm at Genetic linkage and crossover... I think I can understand the stuff.. but I can't find exercises to apply... What;s your idea? Thanks
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    Website for genetic interaction?

    Excuse me, I'm learning about the genetic interaction and I think I can get pretty much explaination in the Internet but Google didn't seem to be really helpful now. So please suggest me some sites on genetics and I'll try out! Thanks alot!
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    People who can let electricity flows through their bodies

    So why there're ppl who can let the electricity flow thru them while others can't?
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    People who can let electricity flows through their bodies

    Well, I've heard about some people who can let electricity flows through their bodies without any serious damage. Is there any sciebtific reason or theory for this? Is that the resistance f them 0 or nearly so? What do you think?
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    Related to Emf

    Please be patient, I'm sure somebody will help you. :)