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    A Beagle In The Pound and a MARSIS Wing-Clipped

    Precursors To CH4 Life (The Methane Detection Scandal) Precursors To CH4 Life (The Methane Detection Scandal) First, a VERY INTERESTING POLICY THAT I FOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The OFFICIAL NASA POLICY ON “HOW TO DETECT LIFE ON MARS”! (AS of 31 January 2001); From...
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    A Beagle In The Pound and a MARSIS Wing-Clipped

    MARSIS Censorship So Predictable! I called it from the start, and I’m spot on. MARSIS won’t be deployed until October now, if at all (funny that!)… From; “The system won't now be deployed until October, if then.”...
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    Startrek warp core

    Containment Not That Difficult... I consider the "Containment" problem to be a minor one. Read this and tell me what you think? From; "HIGH PERFORMANCE INERTIAL CONFINEMENT FUSION (ICF) PROPULSION SYSTEMS FOR INTERSTELLAR MISSIONS." [Broken]...
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    What planet/moon would you most like to explore?

    Answers (1) Sedna (a quick stop-off via the Earth's Moon). (2) Pleiades and then Sirius A, B & C. (3) "The other side" of a Wormhole.
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    USA Black Budgets

    Aussie Radar Functional (STAR WARS IS REAL) Hey, Ivan Seeking and Russ You’re looking pretty stupid now, aren’t you? As usual, I was right, you guys were wrong. From;,5744,10076690%255E12377,00.html [Broken] “AUSTRALIA and the US...
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    Is a Ph.D equivalent self-education possible?

    Degrees And Intelligence The single greatest mind, and most certified GENIUS I have ever encountered, had never attended ONE DAY of formal education in his entire life. I met him, living on the streets of Canberra in 1983. He worked for the Soviets designing ASAT systems in the mid-80s...
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    Startrek warp core

    Antihydrogen Can Be Used Antihydrogen has certainly be suggested (and experimented with) as a future source of space-propulsion. The ONLY constraints on using such a fuel, at present, is the very high cost in producing the fuel.
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    Lightspeed travel!

    Holes Able To Be Exploited In "The Loop" Of Relativity Yes, I believe your idea to be possible. Good luck proving it but!
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    Debunking Physics

    Its A Start... Stephen has made some quite valid points, which I would never expect (most of you) to even consider. He does make some excellent points about the “Holy Grail” experiments, which a lot of theory are based on. MOST of these experiments are wrong in their INTERPRETATION...
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    The Tunguska Gensesis-Contamination

    The Tunguska “Genesis-Contamination” The Tunguska “(Gene)sis-Contamination” From; [Broken] “There have been a series of interesting biological consequences of the explosion. Following the blast there was accelerated growth of biomass in the region...
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    A Ride On The Rainbow Warrior (The Missing Columbia BLACK BOX)

    A Hack A Day Keeps The NSA Nervous Maybe RaFa does. However, NASA have to first "let the story out", instead of burying it forever... As far as I know, NOTHING has been done, and it is still possible to hack into their systems.
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    News Uncovered - The Whole Truth About the Iraq War

    The Truth Hurts... Thanks for the link to that Download! I was about to order that Vid, but you've saved me the trouble. Thanks a lot! Hopefully, a lot of USA/UK/AUS citizens will have the courage to watch it...
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    Basic Doubts About Light

    Its ALL RELATIVE Blah, mate... I usually respect those who "go out on a limb" with new theories, but... Thats dog crap. Back to the drawing board, and remember, "it's ALL RELATIVE".
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    Methane on Titan

    Gas Giants ARE TOTALLY DIFFERENT to Solid Moons/Planets Posted by marcus; "to say that methane on titan is a life-sign is as wrong-headed as saying that because Jupiter is mostly hydrogen gas there must be life on Jupiter making hydrogen!" No its NOT! Bloody hell. Jupiter is a GAS...
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    A Ride On The Rainbow Warrior (The Missing Columbia BLACK BOX)

    A Ride On The Rainbow Warrior (The “Missing” Columbia BLACK BOX) I posted this once before (on the Dark Government website). Time to bring it out again… A Ride On The Rainbow Warrior (The “Missing” Columbia BLACK BOX) The following article is taken from “SC Infosecurity News (The...