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A Ride On The Rainbow Warrior (The Missing Columbia BLACK BOX)

  1. Jul 4, 2004 #1
    A Ride On The Rainbow Warrior (The “Missing” Columbia BLACK BOX)

    I posted this once before (on the Dark Government website). Time to bring it out again…

    A Ride On The Rainbow Warrior (The “Missing” Columbia BLACK BOX)

    The following article is taken from “SC Infosecurity News (The Information Security Portal)”, I printed it off their website on 28 August 2002;
    (Note: Their website address is underneath, but the story is no longer linked, so I’ve typed it out below);
    “Top Secret Data Stolen from NASA
    Cybercrime investigators are following up the theft of sensitive military and commercial data from NASA’s network.
    U.S. media reports suggest that the confidential documents were taken from the NASA network and allegedly uploaded to a web site by a hacker known as RaFa, who then presented the data to Dan Verton, a senior reporter with Computerworld. The two had kept contact reportedly since Verton interviewed RaFa for his book earlier this year.
    A subsequent report on Computerworld’s web site claims that the documents were stolen using a vulnerability in ftp servers that allows anonymous log-ins. The report says that the data amounted to 43Mb and included a full Microsoft PowerPoint presentation detailing engineering design plans for the Cobra space shuttle engine, as well as information regarding the ground control system for NASA’s next generation of space shuttles.
    According to Verton, RaFa told the publication that he didn’t understand the sensitive nature of the information he had. He also revealed that he had shared the documents with other hackers in France. Media reports suggest that investigations are underway to establish whether the data was compromised and the ramifications it could have on national security.”

    After this little “incident”, NASA says “SSSShhhhhhhhhhh…”.

    And then;
    Pop! Goes the “Weasel”…

    Searching for that which was tampered or stolen?
    “Search crews have been scouring East Texas since the shuttle broke apart Feb. 1 as it re-entered the atmosphere. Seven astronauts were killed. More than 10,000 searchers have recovered about 42,000 pieces of debris.”

    http://www.chron.com/cs/CDA/printstory.hts/space/sts107/investigation/1769468 [Broken]
    “Searchers have come up empty in the hunt for a secret communications device from the Columbia wreckage that NASA says could be used to send false signals to future space shuttle missions.

    Petty said NASA didn’t want anyone else to find the box because if they took it apart and studied the technology, it could be used “to send bogus signals to the shuttle.”

    Williams said he was a part of a search party five miles east of Bronson on Thursday that found a black box with a serial number on it, “but it didn’t appear to be the black box NASA was looking for.”

    Several residents said about 80 National Guard members searched the woods around Bronson on Thursday. They arrived in camouflage-hued trucks and were accompanied by state troopers, the residents said.”

    Oh ok, so they found a Black Box, but it wasn’t the Shuttles?
    Please, we’re not all stupid…

    42 000 pieces, and no “Secret Communications Device” found??????

    Reminds me of things that I found when “I chased the Beagle around the “Block”…”
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    RaFa needs to go to prison for a very long time.

    RE: "A subsequent report on Computerworld’s web site claims that the documents were stolen using a vulnerability in ftp servers that allows anonymous log-ins."

    What is NASA doing allowing anonymous, non-secure FTP to their servers?
  4. Jul 5, 2004 #3
    A Hack A Day Keeps The NSA Nervous

    Maybe RaFa does.

    However, NASA have to first "let the story out", instead of burying it forever...

    As far as I know, NOTHING has been done, and it is still possible to hack into their systems.
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