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    Difference between linear and non-linear first order DE

    Some really basic questions about first order DE, which I can't seem to get. What is the difference between a linear and non-linear first order differential equation? For example: dy/dx = cos y dy/dx = cos x And if it's a non-linear first order DE, how do you tell whether it's...
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    Simple harmonic motion and static equilibrium

    Ok, I must not know how to do it correctly because I'm getting it to equal zero for all time. Solving the equation you gave me: x(t) = C2 sin(sqrt(a) t) + C1 cos(sqrt(a) t) = 0 using the initial conditions C2 = 0 , C1 = 0 as such, x(t) = 0 for all time
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    Simple harmonic motion and static equilibrium

    Homework Statement In static equilibrium a spring is stretched 0.25 m by a hanging mass. If the system is initially moved up to the unstretched position and released with zero velocity, determine position of the mass (in m) after 4.2s. Take the equilibrium position to be zero and up the...
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    Descriptive Statistics - Find % of measurement in a certain range

    1. The problem statement: A set of measurements of a parameter x has a normal distribution with mean of 50 and standard deviation of 1. If there are a very large number of measurements, approximately what percentage of measurements would you expect to be in the range 48 < x < 50...
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    Engineering Finding I_knot at a certain time in the circuit given

    Homework Statement In the network shown, R1=3 kohm, R2=3 kohm, R3=2 kohm, R4=5 kohm, R5=2 kohm, and C=475 microF. Compute i0(0.1s) in microA. The figure is in the word file attached. [b]3. The Attempt at a Solution Time constant is Req*c Req when circuit is open is...
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    Solid Mechanics - Force in a bolted assembly

    A bolted assembly consists of a steel bolt A, a brass tube B and a nut C. The nut is turned so that it just secures the tube, and then is tightened one extra turn. Determine the resulting force Fs (in kN) in the steel bolt. The initial length of the tube is L = 158 mm, and the screw pitch is 1mm...