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    Defining division by zero?

    i think 0-1=x. x is every point on the complex plane, including the infinite and finite in magnitude. and 0/0=0*any number on the complex plane 0/0=0*infinite=finite 0/0=0*infinetsimal=0 0/0=0*finite=0 so 0/0 is every point on the complex plane with a noninfinite magnitude, including zero.
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    Music and mathematics: how are they related?

    my main question: is there some mathematical formula that leads to a great song? be it a beat, melody, etc. what is the mathematical difference between dissonance and connosance? we know that listening to classical music at a young age results in high math scores. but why? i have listened to...
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    How many decimals of Pi do you remember?

    i remember: pi=3.14159 e=2.718282 thats odd. i remember one more digit of e than of pi.
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    How would i go about breaking an isopeptide bond?

    nevermind. i got what i want. trypsin from the local health mart.
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    How would i go about breaking an isopeptide bond?

    Hi. i dont know alot about chemistry so bear with me. the bond is between a member of the carboxyl group and the amino acid lysine. as i understand i need an enzyme. what readily available enzyme would suffice? would protease work?
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    Are we in two thousand ten or twenty ten ?

    i say we are in MMX. edit: damn i was beaten to it.
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    New Year's Eve Gun Shooting

    It is possible. If the gun is pointed straight up, the total magnitude of the velocity vector upon impact will be the terminal velocity. But, seeing as nobody was hanging onto a steeple and shooting up into the air from the top of the church, it is obvious that the gun was not pointed straight...
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    Do Physicists drink?

    alcohol isnt my intoxicant of choice because alcohol has lowered my inhibitions and caused me to do things that have gotten me in trouble. personally, i prefer cannabis and dextromethorphan(cough medicine). lately however i have done neither due to being on probation. btw, dextromethorphan...
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    How do i generalize this result to higher dimensions? (arc length, surface area)

    a derivation of the formula for arc length is simple enough: given a function f[x], find the length of the arc from x0 to x1. lim(x1-x0)/n=dx n->inf x1 S=^{i=n-1}_{i=0}\sum\sqrt{(x+(i+1)dx-(x+idx))^2+f(x+(i+1)dx)-f(x+dx))^2} xo...
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    Thoughts on MMOPRG's

    mmorpgs=evil. i am a recovering runescape addict. luckily i havent logged in, nor thought of logging in in over 6 months now. it took over my life. its far more addicting than any drug ive tried. all i thought, slept, ate, drank, and crapped was runescape. i wish i never started. By the...
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    PF Member Photo Thread Archive

    me! i dont have a very steady hand and i was usin a cameraphone. so it looks kinda messed up lol i have 4 eyes
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    A righteous atheist is morally superior to a righteous theist

    "a righteous atheist is morally superior to a righteous theist" what do you think of this statement? suppose there are two people, person A and person B. person A believes that there is no afterlife, no god, nothing once you die. any good actions you do will not be rewarded. any bad...
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    6 degrees of Wikipedia (again)

    tila tequila (the hot asian chick from shot at love) april 6 1969 pauley perrette (the hot goth chick from ncis) 3 clicks needed
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    How do i find the arc length of an implicit curve given by f[x,y]=0?

    in general they would range in complexity. im writing a program that finds the arc length of a level curve of some function f[x,y]. do you mean every implicit curve has a parametric representation?
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    Something interesting i realized. (more than one set of limits, change of variables)

    suppose i want to find the following integral: 7 \intx dx 3 now suppose for some demented reason i decided not to do it straightforward and get (49-9)/2=20 instead i use the substitution x=u2+4u+5 giving u1 \int(u2+4u+5)(2u+4)du u0 u1 \int2u3+12u2+26u+20 du u0 the indefinite integral is...