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    Probability question

    Gaganpreet Singh, nice to see another sardar here. :wink: WJKK WJKF! _/|\_
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    Paper on time travel

    There was a gap between 12/10 and 12/20 where you didn't right any messages here. When is the paper due?
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    Paper on time travel

    This SHOULD NOT have to drag on for four pages. Why are you wasting so much time here instead of writing your paper? You could have been half way done by now. You're much too general for anyone to understand you. In 4 pages of talking to the other member's of this board, you're still at the...
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    Paper on time travel

    Like what?
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    Otto Cycle - Thermodynamics - Efficiency

    :smile: Well, why did you post it here at the last minute? Come on, what do you expect?
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    Otto Cycle - Thermodynamics - Efficiency

    Your question is very unclear. Please make it clearer. Thanks!
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    Tutoring problem

    I have a problem. I'm capable of helping many of the students here with their problems, but at the same time, I get very angry whenever a student posts a problem that they didn't even attempt first and I could care less about helping them even if they show work after someone gives them a hint...
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    Graph a line through the origin that is parallel to the graph of x+y=10

    Please don't double post!
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    Tangent Properties Symmetry, domain, asymptotes, zeroes
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    Programs Math major future.

    Can anybody be a Math major?
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    Ph.D, but which field?

    That's life... :redface:
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    I'm a retard

    What ever you do, Don't get anything higher then a C or he'll fail you. He just told you if you get a C on the Final he will pass you. You get anything lower or higher then a C you will fail. Becareful! You got to aim for that C! What kind of advice is that? How can you shoot to get a C on an...
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    I'm a retard

    Waited a week to ask this. :redface: So what was the grade? :biggrin:
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    I'm a retard

    any official word?
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    I'm a retard

    For the past 3 hours, I've been coming here waiting for a grade. :rofl: