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    1 / 0 = infinity?

    May I ask a stupid question? (yes, that was typed tongue-in-cheek) Are the theorems for non real numbers invalid for real numbers (and vice-versa)?
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    Rearrange the formula

    Well if we assume that the first line is an equation (set equal to zero): 10b + 5be - 3e + 7c=0, then the second line changes: 10b + 5be - 3e = -7c, and that would change the rest of the steps which follow...
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    Applications of math - Root finding

    That formula looks eerily similar to capital recovery and uniform series present worth: A= P*[(i(1+i)n)/((1+i)n-1)] and P=A*[((1+i)n-1)/(i(1+i)n)] respectively...
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    Applications of math - Root finding

    What steps have you taken? I know we aren't supposed to give you the answer... But I will say it definately can be done... just not extremely simple to do. For what reason are you solving for i? Just to solve for it? Or are we trying to find the value for i given an annuity and a principle...
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    Calculate volume using double integrals

    I know this may slightly break the rules, but I will give you a hint: pretend the barn is a trapezoidal prism (an odd block, if you will). Put the floor/base along the plane that is created by the x and y axis (the roof will extend in the z direction). This will *help* set up the double...
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    Applications of math - Root finding

    A few of questions: 1. Is this related to a homework question? 2. Is it safe to assume you have quantities for all variables except for i? 3. Have you tried to interpolate yet?
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    Distance between a point and a line in space

    The formula wants you to multiply the scalar (point) by a unit vector and cross multiply with the given vector. Take the magnitude of the resultant vector. Then divide by magnitude of the unit vector (just a step that has to be done - balances things out :)). This will give a scalar quantity...
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    Distance between a point and a line in space

    Gunthi, I believe you are asking how to find the distance between a point in space, and a vector? If so, start by looking at line-distance formulas and vector math. I hope this gives you a jumping-off point.
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    Time Dilation -light vs. spaceship

    Background: I work as an engineer with someone who is an "engineer" by trade only (not by training or formal education). Un/fortunately, before asking difficult questions, he researches information, or just hears about it online and tries to muddle his way to an understanding of it. He...