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    What's going on with Acetone and ABS chemically?

    In 3D printing it is a well known trick to use Acetone to smooth/dissolve prints made from ABS plastic. Most articles call acetone a "solvent" of ABS but after some experimentation with PLA plastic and THF "solvent" I get the feeling "solvent" may be too vague a term. The main observable...
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    Airfoil Design Research

    Does anyone know of any types of research out there that attempts to establish analytical ways to design an airfoil. As far as I understand it right now, when someone wants to design an airplane they grab some premade airfoil shapes and test there design empirically using CFD or a wind tunnel...
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    Engineering Aspiring Engineer

    What danago said in his second post really sums it up. Mathematically all those branches of engineering have a huge amount of overlap, you don't really start getting a major specific math class until your junior year and even then 80% of the content is the same as what the other engineering...
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    Engineering What is mechanical engineering like?

    I graduated 2 years ago and have been working as a Design Engineer since. Based off your list of likes I think you'd enjoy this major, though don't forget to do some research on electrical engineering. If you don't care for chemistry you probably won't care for materials engineering (this will...
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    Engineering Engineering, should I show off work from my current job in an interview?

    Have kinda of an ethics question here. I work for company A and have an interview with company B. Company B would like to see examples of my work, which is mainly 3-D models of designs and technical drawings. However these things are technically the property of company A. Also I don't want...
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    Engineering Mechanical Engineers: How much writing do you do?

    While chill_factor is right about in principle I can tell you that my job of 2.5 yrs as a mechanical design engineer has had very little technical writing. Now being able to communicate well will always be important and in that way your school is doing you a favor by being so rigorous but don't...
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    Ph.D and a career in teaching Community College

    So if I wanted to change my career from professional engineer to community college teacher, would a Ph.D in engineering be helpful or over qualify me? I have a bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering, a M.S. in ME with emphasis on controls and dynamics, and about 2 years of professional...
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    Simple (or not so simple) Momentum question

    Thanks for the response. I'm still a little confused though, shouldn't the two examples have the exact same conclusion? I mean friction has no place in a particle collision right? If so,I believe the two problems are identical. Anyways though I'm tempted to agree that any velocity gained...
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    Simple (or not so simple) Momentum question

    I've been thinking about basic momentum problems lately I'm having a surprising amount of trouble with one that didn't seem so bad at first glance. Here's what I'm imagining: We've all heard of the simple momentum problem where a particle moving in the x direction at speed v1 runs into some...
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    Getting a job in a new venture company.

    Hello, I'm a mechanical engineer graduate with a little over a year of real world job experience. This first job has been rather disappointing for me so I've been giving my long term career goals much more thought. I originally thought I'd want to get a Ph.D and perhaps do research but what...
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    Aerospace engineering vs. Mechanical engineering

    Anyways as to the actual topic of your post, that's the exact reason I went ME or Aero. Though make sure you can actually get said aero electives, my school conveniently only offered them when I couldn't possibly take them and I'm still curious about the subject. From what I've noticed, there...
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    Ph.D in Nuclear Fusion power?

    Hello, I'm a Mechanical Engineering grad with a M.S. in Controls and Dynamics and have been working for a year. I was originally set to get a Ph.D in Controls but I kind of got burnt out on being a student and settled for a M.S. (would have just left but it took so long to find a job I ended...
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    Can I get into MIT, cal Berkeley or Stanford?

    With stats like that you should definitely apply, just remember to post on the thread again if you get accepted. It'd be good encouragement to anyone else browsing to hear about someone actually getting into one of those top notch institutions.
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    Programs Too late to get the degree?

    I know if your heart's set on physics you should go physics... but have you looked at engineering at all? I'm just mentioning it because it requires a similar skill set as physics but you can turn it into a career with just a B.S. and I think even if you get a Ph.D in it I think you may be more...
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    Programs Which Major and School for Nanotech

    Aging and metabolism have a lot to do with proteins right? Now I'm not a biologist but if I remember correctly proteins are essentially biological nanomachines (like there the link between basic chemistry and cell structure), and we really don't know much about them to boot. Anyways you...