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    Exact constraint in practice -- Pinned joint with 2 DOF

    A universal joint would do the job?
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    Xenon vs. LED stobe

    Thanks both for the input. Spectral bandwidth is a very important consideration and not forgotten. Much easier to compensate for in these digital days but may still cause some issues.
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    Xenon vs. LED stobe

    Any input on why LED's are not used in modern camera flashes/strobes? I've searched a bit and it seems newer multi-die LED arrays not only put out more light but can strobe faster than xenon lamps, sounds win/win? I feel I must be missing something?! I was considering trying to modify a small...
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    The making of vintage precision instruments

    Correct me if I'm wrong or misunderstanding but, a tenth is 0.1" and half a tenth would be 0.05". I can't imagine a clock would need down to 100 thou tolerance either. Maybe I'm wrong?
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    Personal laptop for work?

    Depends where you work and what you work on. My last job could have cared less about what I used to get work done but we didn't have too much proprietary info. No VPN and I could access the data from any device with Teamviewer that I set up on the server. Yeah, I even had enough access to the...
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    Variable Torque DC Motor

    Sounds like a dynamic brake. Sure you don't want a resistor?
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    How to find backlash between two spur gears

    An audio turn table? Gears can/will produce a lot of noise. Any reason you're going with gears over the proven belt drive? Ignore me if it's not audio related.
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    Stepper motor working

    Look at the spec sheet for the stepper controller. It might have a break function.
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    UPS splits power?

    Thanks BigGuy. That link should give me a couple days of reading. I did run into that schematic on a few of my searches also. "It seem like what you are saying is that when the circuit breaker is thrown, you still see 60V on outlet" Now that I read it, I may have misspoke. When I turn the...
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    UPS splits power?

    We can stick with UPS's. I only mentioned the Monster "power conditioner" because I had recently fixed it and noticed the same thing. Chances are good the OEM built it that way for marketing as there seems to be some audio voodoo about "balanced power" floating about some audio forums...
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    UPS splits power?

    A friend of mine recently asked if I could take a look at his Monster brand power filter that wasn't working and I noticed it splits the power so, what normally would be neutral and hot, legs are split to carry 60VAC each. I think I've seen this on all the UPS's I've measured as well. Anybody...
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    Metal Workshop?

    I'm also in SJ. I took a few machine shop classes at De Anza for my projects. Might be less expensive than Tech Shop? Ouch: Bit of egg on my face. Just realized what forum this was posted too and what you may be trying to do. Ignore me.
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    Metal Workshop?

    Where are you located? Tech Shop has a few facilities scattered around the States. For a monthly or yearly free you can use the equipment, think you may need to take their class on a particular machine before they let you operate it.
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    Charging APC batteries off truck circuit?

    You can pickup a charger from your local hobby shop that will use a 12V DC power source. They are built with DC inputs so the radio control hobbyists can charge batteries out in the field where power isn’t available. Just make sure it has a setting for the lead acids you’re charging...