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    How old is too old?

    You're not too old. I'm 32. I went back to finish school at 29. I'm 2 semesters away from my BSc (graduate after fall 2012) but I'll likely have to wait until 2013 for grad school.
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    Comics as a entertaiment

    Calvin and Hobbes all day, every day
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    Chuck Norris *FACTS!* [Broken]
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    Post your spring schedule!

    Electricity & Magnetism (upper div) Modern Physics Electronics Experimental Methods Statistics & Probability 16 units, should graduate after Fall 2012
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    Took my General GRE today

    I plan on going to grad school for physics. Thanks for your input and the link. It was very informative. I hope to take the Physics GRE later this year or next year.
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    Took my General GRE today

    Verbal: 440 Quantitative: 730 I registered for the exam a month ago and intended to study for it (books, vocabulary flash cards, etc), but didn't spend as much time as I intended and did horribly on verbal (quant. isn't so hot, either). Should I retake it again before they change it this...
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    Testing I just failed the Physics GRE, now what?

    OP, how did you do the second time around?
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    Do you do problems beyond the assigned HW?

    My professor assigns 4-10 questions and says to "pick 4" (all homework is due at the end of the semester on the day of the final). I do everything he assigns just so I don't miss out on something
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    Programs Programming classes or self-teach? (physics major)

    What (language) would you recommend to start with? Edit: nvm, I misread your post. I thought you meant "C++" was a bit advanced. I will check out "Problem Solving with..."
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    Programs Programming classes or self-teach? (physics major)

    Thanks! I looked up the book and might pick it up based on the reviews on Amazon and B&N (I have a B&N gift card but I also have a Kindle so I've been looking for an actual book to buy for quite some time). Good point, I didn't think about it like that. Thank you for your input. It will...
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    Programs Programming classes or self-teach? (physics major)

    Hello. I am a third year physics major (technically, although I am still taking 200 level classes) and understand that programming is a must. I do not know anything about programming. I initially planned on taking a summer programming course (if not, then next fall) but it seems as though I'd...
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    I feel like I'll be behind if I start out in Calc I

    When I took Calc I, there were some high school grads in there who were eligible to take Calc II but took Calc I instead to possibly get an easy A. None of them got A's, in fact almost all of them struggled to get C's (possibly because homework wasn't collected so no one did them). I started...
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    Classes that can be effectively learned in a summer semester.

    Hmm, that's what I'm doing this summer....starting tomorrow! :eek:
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    Average transfer gpa

    I am transferring to CSULB with a 3.8 (for physics, but am considering switching to EE) EDIT: Also, I am transferring from OCC
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    Collection of Lame Jokes [Broken]