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    Arranged Marriage

    Well, very nice! But after I go through the whole thread for a while, I think your marvelous thread should be in biology forum instead. :rolleyes: Sometimes arranged marriage can 'damage' both's feelings but if that is the way for things to move on better, something should be done and...
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    The lonely, marriage

    Why are there people unable to find their own spouses around, near where they are living ? What is the main reason for the appearance of dating services on the web ?
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    Arranged Marriage

    I think you should have answer in your mind already!
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    Thread killer champions

    Could you tell some more about this thread, because i was/am really confused ? Please be a little more specific so that I can understand also about the program you two are watching ?
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    Thread killer champions

    I will vote it down to 3 stars. Understand it !?
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    Please stop by tell me about teeth !

    Okay, please tell if you experienced, why you were/are in pain when you have decayed teeth ?How painful is/was that ? Thank you
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    Brushing teeth?

    And that marine animals won't have decayed teeth since the water will keep their teeth strong and better, especially those in the oceans. Their teeth are not the same as humans' also, I think there is no 'nerve' inside. (--i don't know the correct term for human teet's internal "nerve"--)
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    Would you please tell me if UFO is for real?

    UFo, I mean if it is real thing to believe in ?
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    Thread killer champions

    It is very sad of me to say that something new should be created or it will be very hard for people to believe in what is being said.
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    Would you please tell me if UFO is for real?

    Would you please tell me if UFO is for real? ? Thank you
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    I am learning English Literature ?

    I am now sad :mad:, so I read some books for fun and Canteburry Tales is what I would like to write an analysis about. But it is so long, can you just give me an understandable explanation like a summary about the story I am going to delve into in a few hours later on ? Thank you.
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    Thinking about drawing

    Some other ideas come up to mind, please post...A bunch of thanks to you all. :wink:
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    Its been a while

    As always, I like Final Fantasy XI.
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    Its been a while

    I know some people from Canada who have cousins living in Australia have really good skills in mining diamonds and digging earth holes.
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    Honey Liqueur

    In my area, a lot of honey are cheaply sold, but I don't understand why most of the people here don't buy it, perhaps because of its sweetness which is really not good for health. Mead I think is made from fermented honey (?), I honestly have never tasted mead before, or have had any intentions...