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    A Paradox?

    Please do not mix the differential equation between operators and eigenvalues. They are completely different. Seratend.
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    What are the QM

    How do you differentiate 3) and 1)? By defining an ontological and non local object "consciousness" (or a god)? Aren't you defining, in fine, a bohmian like interpretation of QM with point 3 (i.e. we may view the bohmian path as the consciousness of the particle in fine :biggrin: )? Physics...
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    HUP; once more time

    Do you know diffraction? If yes how can you predict with certainty the position of a photon within a beam of light? Seratend.
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    Infinite square well potential

    Yes. Quantum well problem is simple as long as we do not care on the mathematical rigor. It may be viewed as a good introduction to the differences and similarities between L2 and l^2 spaces (and why we may see the l^2 space as the space of periodic functions). Yes because V(x)= cte inside...
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    Infinite square well potential

    Please if A and B are observables and [A,B]=0 they share the same eigenvectors. Now, the quantum well potential is an excellent exercise to understand what is the quantum momentum operator and why it does not commute with the Hamiltonian H=p^2/2m+V(x). the QM momentum p is the generator of...
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    Vector spaces

    At the beginning there were the natural numbers (surely to make money), thereafter someone introduced the addition (surely to win more money). From the addition one deduced the multiplication for efficiency (3+3+...3 takes more time to calculate than 100*3: the productivity). The linearity and...
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    Understanding the Set of Commuting Observables

    No. You have X|x>=x|x> in the eigenbasis |x>. Do not mix the eigenvalue x with the operator X. In QM we use functional relations on operators. From these functional relations, we may deduce some relations for a given basis or for a given vector. If you are a beginner with QM, I advise you to...
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    Heisenberg imcertainty principle (get it!)

    Yes, however I have to emphasize we are playing with words (a matter of interpretation): delta pz. delta z ~ hbar => having 2 plates with 2 slits with an infinite distance between plates (=> delta z --> +oO) allows one to have a delta pz as small as one wants (provided some technical...
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    Heisenberg imcertainty principle (get it!)

    I think the confusion comes from the interpretation of zapper and older Dan words (and sometimes in forgetting we live in a 3D/4D world). A measurement by the slit, defines a position measurement (x,y) in the “transversal” direction of the moving particle (direction z). From this measurement...
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    Question on observer created reality

    If anything Come on patrick :tongue2:. The blank paper view is as beautifull as the catholic paradise before the snake: it just illustrates the set of possibilities we have before and the difficulties we have after when we choose one of them o:) . Interesting. As long as we use the set...
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    Question on observer created reality

    So you think you need constraints to have inspiration (a kind of causality or masochism?)? :biggrin: Why do you seem to think an epistemic approach does not allow to build beautifull grand principles to describe reality? Look at the powerfull of the approach: it contains surely the...
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    Understanding the Set of Commuting Observables

    Yes, but this is not practical to make predictions. It is analogue to record all the particle positions in the universe up to its end. At the end, you will know all the functions x = (x(t), t in |R) and all the derivatives of x. Classical Mechanics proceeds in another way: instead of dealing...
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    Direction of a single particle wave

    You have to view, in this case, the wave as the probability density location of the particle. Hence a single particle may have a non nul probability density in a given area of the space but it may only be located on a given location. Seratend.
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    Physical meaning for wavefunction

    Surely one description of the reality with its onw domain of validity like any physical theory. :biggrin: The rest is pure speculation until prooved by tests. Serantend. PS. Before this post, I thought you were a proponent of the espistemic view of physics.
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    Question on observer created reality

    I make an effort. Reread and try to understand post #104 by yourself. If you make an effort to understand what is written, your question about the momentum should be answered. Seratend.