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    Programming for research physics

    Any recommendations for an numerical analysis book?
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    Programming for research physics

    I'm applying for some REU's later on this year and I'm wondering whether knowing a programming language is necessary, and if so what book(s) I should get to learn. Also if anyone else has done an REU, is there any other skills or outside school actives I could do to increase my chances of being...
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    Where to find physics internships?

    There's about six places in my area for REU's, I didn't want to make a new thread, so what would I need to put on a resume to be considered for a physics internship?
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    Schools Taking First-year University Physics w/o Grade 12 Algebra?

    I'm taking calculus 1 and university physics right now, and its somewhat difficult. The first lecture I just couldn't keep up with the math. So I've just been cramming in how to do derivatives and integrals.
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    Schools Do younger college internship applicants have an advantage over older applicants?

    I know that with the navy they won't accept nuclear engineers because they want to teach them their way, he might be thinking about that.
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    All movement should be impossible (?)

    There are alot of motion paradoxes by Zeno, but in my opinion that one is solved like 1/3 is equal to .333, but 3/3 is equal to 1, so we know .999=1.
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    Scholarship Issue

    So, you're not finishing your Associates because you started in Algebra? Possibly take the placement test and place into calc or above. I'd rather finish community college and get a scholarship than have to pay out the butt for a year or more.
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    How to study?

    I've been a pretty good student all my life, been in honors classes, AP classes and what not, gotten A's and B's without putting much effort in. I'd read over something once and remember enough of it to get by, but now that I'm in college I'm starting to realize it isn't quite enough anymore. So...
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    How to find the pH of HCl and NaOH combined.

    I talked to my teacher and he just wanted us to find the pH as the -log way. But I got it, thank you for the help
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    How to find the pH of HCl and NaOH combined.

    I read the water ion product, that would apply to solutions not diluted?
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    How to find the pH of HCl and NaOH combined.

    Homework Statement I have .100mL of .100M HCl titrated with .100M NaOH, Theres a chart I have to fill in and I'm completely lost. I have the volume of NaOH(from 0ml-200ml) I have to find the total volume of the solution, I get that, moles remaining of solution molarity of remaining solution...
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    What else can I do with a BS in Mathematics?

    My current teacher has a PhD in applied math and he said that when you have a PhD in math you get considered for the same jobs as the engineer/physics majors, but what you do with it is up to you. People only hire people that are qualified and would like to work with.
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    Programs ADVICE Welcomed - EE Major / Physics Major / Computer Programming

    I'm getting ready to transfer to my university where I'll be majoring in physics and EE. Basically the first year is just your basic general classes, (where I'm from it is, but i hear it is everywhere). You take a math, science, english, history, and probably an elective. So you'll probably take...
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    Schools Minimum GPA to transfer from Community to a decent 4 year college.

    Most universities have a transfer program from CC. YOU can't motivate someone, they themselves have to be motivated. If he's not, don't push him to do it now, it might hurt him in the future when he finally does become motivated
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    Computer science: Learn now or wait

    I'm not sure what language it's going to be in, The only thing I know is that it's going to be the first of the computer science classes. I've been told that Java was the easiest to learn so it'd probably be in that?