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    Basic rules of algebra (Manipulating equations and such)

    Hi, im a grade 12 student, finishing my advanced functions at the moment, in a few short weeks i shall be taking calculus, in my last trig unit my teacher remarked that although i did well, i should brush up on my 'basic rules for algebra' from what i understand this is stuff that i dont really...
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    Roadmap to Electrician apprenticeship

    I'm a current high school student, thinking about becoming an electrician, i understand you have to get an apprenticeship in order to become an electrician, what is the roadmap or the process to get an apprenticeship? Do i go to college and study in a program like "Electrical Engineering...
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    Trig identities (is my method correct?)

    Homework Statement Prove the following identities 31c) sin(\frac{\pi}{2}+x)=cosx Homework Equations sin2x+cos2x=1 The Attempt at a Solution The idea here is to prove the identity by making LS=RS so here is what i have done, but im not sure if it is the right way, since the book shows it...
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    Solving inequalities algebraically, when root is 0

    oh hey...i think your right...even if just move in the general direction it will tell me weather or not its positive or negative... and then i can multiply all the postives/negatives and determine weather the graph in that interval is above 0 or below 0 thanks
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    Solving inequalities algebraically, when root is 0

    Homework Statement Solve each inequality without graphing the corresponding function. State the solution algebraically and graph on a number line: x/x2-9≤0 so i factor out the denominator and get (x+3)(x-3) the root here is zero, but for some reason in the chart (for rational/reciprocal...
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    How do i factor cubic trinomials?

    well..given the fact that they have 2 seperate distinct terms to define them(trinomial and polynomial), and they dont really use it all under the umbrella term ' polynomial' i didnt really know that they are the same thing, at least until now #edit do quadratics fall under polynomials as well??
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    How do i factor cubic trinomials?

    you mean, trial and error?(i guess factor 'theorm'?) where after trial and error you see what turns the equation into a zero, and use that monomial to divide the equation, and via long division you find the other factor(and you then have 2 factors) If so...i thought you could only use long...
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    How do i factor cubic trinomials?

    Homework Statement x3-13x+12=0 The book shows the following solutions, i should add that i have very little practice with factoring cubic TRINOMIALS, you see i factor trinomials through an intuitive understanding, i tried staring at the problem a few hours yesterday, tried youtube/google for...
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    Solve this quadratic equation

    Homework Statement 3x2-8x-1=0 Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution So here i attempt to solve the equation...usually the way i go about this is you multiply 3 by -1 you get -3 then i ask myself what multiplies to -3 and adds to -8.....after that i am able to solve...
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    What is the inverse of this logarithm equation?

    Homework Statement What is the inverse of this logarithm equation? y=-log5(-x) i tried it and i got y=-5(-x) hm.. you know how people say that if you want to find the inverse graph of something just switch the x and y coordinates from the table of values? Well i also tried that approach...
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    Mathematician vs Engineer

    Engines, what kind of engineers work on that?
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    Math Would it be possible for a mathematician to do this? you say that most actuaries have an undergrad degree in mathematics?
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    Math Would it be possible for a mathematician to do this?

    so what is the difference between a mathematician and an actuary? Identical training and stuff? Could i be an actuary if i am a mathematician with a phd? in terms of becoming an actuary...what is the career path one takes through school?? for instance for a mathematician they would have to...