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    Good introduction for dirac notation

    I always liked the introduction by Shankar in the first chapter of his book ("Principles of Quantum Mechanics"). It requires very little prior knowledge and is quite pedagogical.
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    What is the best way to search for research papers?

    Web of knowledge automatically indexes all papers from journals like Physical Review, but it can take a month or two to show up. As mfb says, arXiv only contains papers that the author decides to upload there. However, in many fields, almost all authors upload almost all their work there...
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    ArXiv and academic affiliation

    I don't actually know the answer to your question, but I've never read anything about an institutional affiliation being required, and I doubt it is. They will require an endorsement of your paper if you don't have an academic e-mail address, but it sounds like you have that covered. If I were...
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    French teacher needs help

    This may have been intended as a joke, but I have found that Wikipedia can be an excellent source for this purpose. If you go to the French wikipedia page for a particular word or concept, it is connected to the English equivalent. Just go to the French page and click "English" under the menu...
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    Lists of Conferences and Workshops

    You can try SPIRES too:
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    How do you organize academic papers?

    You may want to check out software such as Zotero (or these other alternatives).
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    Schools Graduate school decision, I need help!

    Good point. Upon closer look, the people at Yale don't seem to be very active lately. I agree that rankings in general should be taken with a grain of salt, but that ranking is specifically for graduate programs in nuclear physics. As far as rankings go, that's the most relevant one for...
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    Schools Graduate school decision, I need help!

    I admit that I didn't really investigate the individual researchers before I responded to the OP, but that's quite a statement. Can you elaborate on what is supposed to be so obvious...
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    Schools Graduate school decision, I need help!

    I don't think "brand name" is an issue of any consequence, although the available researchers can be important. It looks like the nuclear theorists at each of those schools work in very different fields, so depending on what you mean by being "interested in nuclear theory", that could be an...
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    Consolidating arxiv papers

    I don't think there's a way to alter any search results, but if you have all your papers associated with your arXiv account as Vanadium describes, there will be a public author identifier that you can give out that will list all your papers. See
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    Discouraged by marks, quit while I can?Thanks

    Just for the record, I know from personal experience that it is possible to fall short of every single one of those criteria and still be admitted to a top physics graduate program.
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    E=m*c 2 or

    It's just a choice of units, and indeed it is quite common to use a set of units (" [Broken]) where c=1. In that case, for a zero momentum particle, one indeed has the relation E=m.
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    Learn quantum physics at home video lectures by V. Balakrishnan of I.I.T. Madras

    A google search turns up this:
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    Why do electrons not spontaneously split into neutrino/anti-neutrino pairs?

    Sorry, I wasn't trying to derail the thread. I was actually just wondering if you could recommend a good reference.
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    Standard Model calculation of the rest energy of a proton

    I hope you have access to a big computer.