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    Finding the width of a diffraction slit

    Homework Statement Single-slit diffraction can be observed with any type of electromagnetic wave (not just light). Suppose you want to make a diffraction slit whose width is seven times larger than the wavelength for the following cases. How wide would the slit be? (a) A radio wave for...
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    Equivalent Capacitance Question

    Homework Statement What is the equivalent capacitance of the four capacitors in the figure below? Take C1 = 2.6 µF, C2 = 4.1 µF, C3 = 3.9 µF, and C4 = 1.1 µF. Homework Equations Cequiv of capacitor in series = (1/C1)+(1/C2)+(1/C3)+(1/C4) Then take the reciprocal of the answer. The...
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    Finding electric force between two particles

    Homework Statement Two particles with electric charges Q and −3Q are separated by a distance of 2.5 m. If Q = 4.9 C, what is the electric force between the two particles? Homework Equations Coloumb's equation: F=k*q1*q2/r^2 k=9.0*10^9 The Attempt at a Solution I just tried to...
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    Finding the force exerted on a beam when the temp of the aluminum beam is increased

    I thought I did that.. Although I did convert the celsius to Kelvin, but 29+273 = 302 K. Am I not supposed to convert it to K?
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    Finding the force exerted on a beam when the temp of the aluminum beam is increased

    Homework Statement An aluminum beam 79 m long and with a cross-sectional area of 0.095 m2 is used as part of a bridge. The beam is clamped rigidly at both ends. (a) If the temperature of the beam is increased by 29°C, what is magnitude of the extra force exerted by the beam on one of its...
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    How much heat is required to convert ice into steam?

    Homework Statement An ice cube of volume 12.1 cm3 is initially at a temperature of -18.1°C. How much heat is required to convert this ice cube into steam? (the final answer must be in Joules) Homework Equations Q = m*c*deltaT Q = m*Lf (latent heat of fusion) Q = m*Lv (latent heat of...
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    Question on finding the frequency of a sound wave

    Homework Statement The distance between a node and the nearest antinode of a standing sound wave in air is 7.55 m. What is the frequency of this wave? (Use 343 m/s as the speed of sound in air.) Homework Equations velocity = wavelength * frequency The Attempt at a Solution I...
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    Relativity Question

    Homework Statement An airplane has a velocity relative to the air of 189 m/s in a westerly direction. If the wind has a speed relative to the ground of 50 m/s directed to the north, what is the speed of the plane relative to the ground? Homework Equations I'm not entirely sure.. The...