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    Insights It's Elemental. The Periodic Table quiz - Comments

    4/12 no guessing here, eh
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    What's different between a receiver & transmitter antennas?

    I assume it is a 1000 km diameter circle target on earth, then. Rather than a 1000 km2 target?
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    Automotive Car that can you drive forever

    Regenerating electricity by braking is appx 40% eff. (according to jurassictest,ch) accelerating electricly is appx. 75% eff. Friction and aerodynamic losses are about 12 kwh pr. 100 km (Leaf 2013 figures). That's not counting heat and air conditioning. Then calculate power additions from solar...
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    I How much time do we occupy?

    A very short time at bigbang time may be long here,, Wich is good, I suppose.I didn`t understand the question.
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    Distance comparison

    This is likely a stupid question: If an object just inside the Hubble-sphere is travelling at a speed relative to earth of 99% of lightspeed away from us, will the light it's sending towards us be at lightspeed or 1% of lightspeed?
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    Mythbusters: Blow your own sail

    Last time we discussed this, we weren't allowed to say suck... I probably missed the train here, but I'll post anyway. I just wan't to agree to rcgldr and Andrew Mason's statements that there are forces that pulls the boat backwards. There is a low pressure volume behind the boat, caused by...
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    Question About 3D Printing and Cancerous Liver

    Well, still a synthetic implement, though human cells grew on it. Which is good.
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    Hair Loss cause and treatment

    I was on a treatment on excemption from approval, for a while. It seemed to work, but my ass got fatter, and it was expensive, It supposedly reduced di-hydro-testoterone-levels in head-skin.. "Pro-pecia" it was called. I don't rememer who made it, but they would have made some money.. I decided...
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    Question About 3D Printing and Cancerous Liver

    That's an Ikea synthetic nano-throat, not a real organ with living cells. I dear say not quite organ-like, as questioned. Some road to be paved, I expect. Not principally impossible, though pig organs may be more realistic, for now.
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    Is there a limit to wind power?

    Windmills and solar are actual contributions to future electricity solutions. They are much smaller, and require a vast reduction in total consumption, if they'ra gonna replace fossile and nuclear. Hydro will buffer solar and wind on the grid. Artificial hydro-drops will possibly buffer some.
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    Work-Energy Theorem Algebraic Representation

    Slapped in the face by definitions, once again. I don't like trick questions too much. A question making my answer correct, would have been a considerably better question. Apologies to Chrismartin33 for my conclusive descriptions. And thanks to ehild for explaining the question in terms that...
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    Work-Energy Theorem Algebraic Representation

    Presuming there's no wind-resistance involved in what is described as "static friction", friction-overcoming work is proportional to distance travelled. So work per meter travelled is constant, and is a sum of work to increase speed, elevate mass, and to overcome friction. Then some equation...
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    The most beautiful song from a video game

    I tried to find music from my days with computer-games, and stumbled upon this video. Not memorable music, but reflects well the difficulty of the game.