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    Some Questions pestering me , Help!

    And yeah, an ac does produce electromagnetic waves...
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    Laws of the universe

    There are certain laws that govern this universe of ours. for example - the universal law of gravitation, the maxwell's laws and in case it does exist, the TOE... Now consider a universe as a set of laws. So if we give any random set of laws, it uniquely defines a universe. There can of course...
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    Why is the sky blue again?

    hey hey! can someone answer this please - why is the sun red in the evening? isn't THAT also because of scattering? why does scattering sometimes prefers red and sometimes blue?
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    Balance CM

    'angular moments'! LOL!
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    While loop in C

    user_choice = 1 while (user_choice == 1) { program code; ask "what do you want to do (1 for repeat 2 for exit)"; scanf into user_choice; }
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    Heat produced on shaking

    I could not quite keep track of the algebra you have done, but I donot agree with the final result you got. Well, I am now myself confused about why we are conserving energy. But assuming that the total KE of the molecules DOES remain constant in the full process, we can do the following :-...
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    Surprising physics

    My mistake. i think I did not explain the question properly. When I said that you are sliding the rod slowly, I meant that you are sliding it very little and then leavin it to see what happens to it. The forces that I have listed are the forces acting on it in this situation, i.e., when you...
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    Heat produced on shaking

    Hey are you all Indians here like me? If not, how do you know about JEE. In case you want to tell that it's a very prestigious exam and is famous throughout the world then do tell me because I just qualified in the exam one month ago ;-) And yes, applying energy conservation is not that simple...
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    Will it revolve?

    case (3) doesn't seem to be that correct. Recently i wrote a computer simulation for gravitation force. It just used the the gravitation force law to predict the motion of a planet if the initial distance and velocity were given. And I found several different kinds of motion. In most of the...
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    Who all can have a signature?

    I am not trying to compare physicsforums with anything. I just want to say that I have been posting on this forum for quite some time now and several times I have felt that it would be nice if i could have one signature. But if not giving signatures helps physicsforums that immensely then it's...
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    Who all can have a signature?

    Hey, but what about making just the 'signature' public? Anyway I am a college student and I don't think I will become a PF contributor just to get a signature of my own! Signatures are nice and websites do provide them for free.
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    Gas Problem Dealing with Explosives

    Even I don't see much point in it. I wrote this under the assumption that hankw is somehow able to find the rate of increase in the volume. Also, I think, that the information that is available is very less to infer anything from it. We must assume several things, the variety of the explosive...
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    Will it revolve?

    Yes, I do notice some flaws. First of all, using conservation of energy, we can only find the magnitude of the velocity; we can't say anything about its radial component. Then, I don't understand what you mean by the radial component being enough to balance the centripetal force. If you mean...
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    Who all can have a signature?

    'Currently'? You mean, it may be allowed to all in the near future? Then why delay?
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    Gas Problem Dealing with Explosives

    Thanks for the explaination. Obviously, for what you want to calculate, you will need to assume that a particular explosive was used. We assume that it's TNT. It seems, from your video, you can find out the rate of formation of the gas clouds, i.e., volume of gas liberated per second. Then...