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    Other Spatial reasoning ability.

    It comes with time and practice mate
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    Programs Questions for Mechatronics students/graduates

    I suppose it depends on what kind of job the OP wants. The mechatronics + CS program seems like something that'd prepare you for designing the software for the machines instead of designing the machines. I'd say that's fine, and definitely all-round employable. Though yes, it's always a good...
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    Programs Questions for Mechatronics students/graduates

    I disagree with Ramzerimar. Considering the ongoing revolution in automation, "internet of things" and robotics, mechatronics + CS will be a very powerful combo. Check out the "industrie 4.0" concept many German business experts are touting, for example, to get an idea of what I mean. I'd...
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    Studying Sharing class notes

    Is it really your place to decide how he lives his life, or what the purpose of his university experience should be..? Seriously, you're not helping him cheat or trick anyone, it's a just a matter of some notes. That said I guess most people here agree with you for some reason, but from my...
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    Studying Sharing class notes

    If they are really your friends, then of course give them your notes; it costs you nothing. And nobody cares if you put in effort or not or feel it is unfair; again, it costs you nothing to share. Breaking up a friendship over something as trivial as this is quite silly IMO. If these are...
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    Physics Physicists and physics majors, was it worth it?

    I apologise if I came across as patronising. It's just that my anecdotal experiences are totally different from yours. I do agree however, that the career paths are less clear when you're doing physics contra engineering, economics, medicine, accounting et.c.
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    Physics Physicists and physics majors, was it worth it?

    As a field, physics is among the most challenging fields to learn, if it is taught properly. It's got nothing to do with the oil & gas industry, physicists are everywhere in Norway. The problem is with how physics isn't taught in Poland I think, not with the employability of the course. Banks...
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    Physics Physicists and physics majors, was it worth it?

    Duno how it is in Poland, but in my country, Norway, and the countries I'm familiar with, a degree in physics is essentially a quality stamp, and more analytically challenging than any field of engineering. If it's really so bad in Poland then that's a real shame. No, the guys a few years above...
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    Physics Physicists and physics majors, was it worth it?

    Honestly, I don't know which country you are from, but this is NOT the case in the vast majority of places, and it's quite clear to me you're vastly overly exaggerating how "bad" it is in your own country - somebody isn't"trash" just because he/she doesn't want to study technical subjects. I...
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    Other I find myself in a science 'no focus' country.

    This is a tough situation to be in.. But you are wrong in one thing: you can study abroad. Just not UK/USA where they will demand tuition. Germany, Scandinavia, France etc. etc. are at least as good as the US/UK, they have no tuition, they take in good students from the 3rd World and they often...
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    Programs Minor in computer science w/ a Physics major?

    You can't go wrong with either, but make sure to get plenty of real programming experience regardless of your choice. Thing is that if you combine a degree in physics with a decent background in statistics and CS, you'll be perfect for data science/data analytics/applied AI, which are very...
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    Other Studying electromagnetic theory

    How advanced are your maths? My favourite undergraduate book is griffith's introduction to electrodynamics - everything is explained very thoroughly there, while being easy and fun to read (IMO).
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    Engineering Feeling like I'm working too hard (mentally) for the pay

    Yeah life's not fair and there are allot of people in management/business, though far from all I think, who get "unfair" salaries. But instead of getting depressed about it, why not work hard, get noticed, move into management, get MBA and then drive that porsche yourself? Trouble is that that...
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    Admissions Undergraduate research experience with no results

    I'm no professor, but I don't see why you shouldn't include it on the CV. You did some reading, you independently formulated a hypothesis, you made a simple model to test the hypothesis and you ended up falsifying the hypothesis. I think that's OK considering you're had no support from your...
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    Admissions PhD Cambridge/Oxford

    Nobody cares about your bad grades - you got this interview because of promising research experience and a recommendation, not your transcript. Just do your best at showing your competencies and enthusiasm.