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Making a file using Batch Files

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    How do i create a .txt file using a batch file with something written on it.

    For example, i want to write this:-


    It has multiple lines and '>', so echo (text) >> test.txt doesnt work.

    Is there a better way?
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    Depending on the complexity of your task, it may be sufficient to use this technique:

    Code (Text):
    It's usually enough to enclose it between two %%"%% blocks, like this:

    echo %%"%% something ii >>newfile %%"%% >reg.bat
    It may not look pretty but it usually works just fine.

    If %%"%% doesn't seem to do what you want, try single percents like this:

    Code (Text):
    echo %"% something ii >>newfile %"% >reg.bat
    I no longer have a MSDOS system to try stuff out. You are likely to discover there are other characters that cause you problems when you try to echo them to a second file, too.
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