What to do with a BS in biology?

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I about to graduate in 1 year (I have just finished my Junior year). So what next? I'm unsure...

For this discussion (consider that I am NOT going to medical school).

By the time I graduate I will have a --say-- 3.5 or 3.4 GPA. Money is not important, but I would like Career that pays well and I want a challenging career. How do you go about getting this 'pHD?.' I am up for anything, research, industry, whatever you do after you get your BS. But I don't want to work at a university or schooling institution!

But I don't know how everybody starts a career. I have basically no resume! I have worked for 1.5 months as an intern at a Pharmaceutical company as a technician (fancy name for people who do repetitive work) for $9 and hour, that's it. Also I wish I had done a BS in Biochemistry, that seems like a more specialized field!

What are my options? Do people hire biologists for jobs intended for biochemists or biophysicists? Can you do some studying of your own and apply for them? (laugh)
Can you guys give me some challenging careers field, that pay good too?

Thanks very much.

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It sounds like your internship was not very fun, but that is one way to get started and work your way up.

There is no reason to laugh at the prospect of learning some skills on the side and applying for biochemist positions. No matter what technical job you do, you will constantly be learning new things that are specific to the task at hand.
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Thanks for the reply, Crosson!
That internship was really boring, and I did it after high school, before entering college! And it was all lifting and cleaning. It was basically a manual labor job.

So I would definately like to continue my studies. What are some 'popular' disciplines?
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What do you like in biology? What would you do with a PhD if you don't like academia? You've basically told us you are a bio major and don't like being a technician in a pharmaceutical company lab. That's not much to go on to help guide you toward career prospects you're more likely to enjoy.
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Ok, I have decided that I will become a micro-biologist (by no means micro!). I think that is a good and a rewarding career. Thanks everyone. I more interested in the 'micro' side of biology. So that's what I should do.
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You know, if I could have my time again, I think I would be a microbial ecologist. I would spend my time studying micro-organisms in their natural environment. I'd cut my way through forests of bacteria on a grain of sand. I would imagine myself in a submarine in a drop of water that seemed as large as a lake, and for one more turn around, I would be an explorer naturalist in a new world.

-Edward O. Wilson

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