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The CFM International CFM56 (U.S. military designation F108) series is a French-American family of high-bypass turbofan aircraft engines made by CFM International (CFMI), with a thrust range of 18,500 to 34,000 lbf (82 to 150 kN). CFMI is a 50–50 joint-owned company of Safran Aircraft Engines (formerly known as Snecma) of France, and GE Aviation (GE) of the United States. Both companies are responsible for producing components and each has its own final assembly line. GE produces the high-pressure compressor, combustor, and high-pressure turbine, Safran manufactures the fan, gearbox, exhaust and the low-pressure turbine, and some components are made by Avio of Italy and Honeywell from the US. The engines are assembled by GE in Evendale, Ohio, and by Safran in Villaroche, France. The completed engines are marketed by CFMI. Despite initial export restrictions, it is the most common turbofan aircraft engine in the world, in four major variants.
The CFM56 first ran in 1974. By April 1979, the joint venture had not received a single order in five years and was two weeks away from being dissolved. The program was saved when Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, and Flying Tigers chose the CFM56 to re-engine their DC-8s and shortly thereafter it was chosen to re-engine the Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker fleet of the U.S. Air Force – still its biggest customer. The first engines entered service in 1982. Several fan blade failure incidents were experienced during the CFM56's early service, including one failure that was a cause of the Kegworth air disaster, and some engine variants experienced problems caused by flight through rain and hail. Both these issues were resolved with engine modifications.

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  1. M

    Are Two Fans Better Than One?

    A while back, you guys helped me out with a project on my '69 Camaro. It was all about the Bernoulli principle and airflow taking the path of least resistance. I'm happy to say that the lower closeout panel I built (see pix below) seems to have done the trick as the car I no longer having any...
  2. M

    Engineering Calculating CFM for Inline Fan - 420 CFM Minimum

    I was told if I need 60 CFM at each opening multiply the mount of openings by the 60 and that would be the minimum of CFM inline fan I need. so 7 x 60 420 CFM but I need to figure if I reduce the pipe at the fan and how many feet it is running , if that has an effect?
  3. HotFurnace

    High CFM Fan Airfoil: Expert Guide

    Hi airfoil experts, I brought two high speed fan for magnetron cooling, and upon destroying one due to my mishandling of the stuff, I found out these fan have surprising nice airfoil. See the pictures and you will understand their construction. The rotor part looks just like a normal air flow...
  4. MiketheMuman

    Have CFM at one point, need to find it at another point

    I am designing a dust collection system for a powder mixing project. My current setup is basically a tent (roughly 6ft X 4ft X 7ft) with a dust collector tube hanging from the ceiling (or coming from the floor). I know the CFM, air properties, and pipe area at the end of the dust collector...
  5. S

    CFM at Different PSI: Understanding Compressed Air Systems

    I have a compressed air system powered by a 25 HP reciprocating compressor giving 109 CFM @ 175 psi. This system also provides air through a ball valve off the main system for vibrators totalling 186 cfm @ 80 psi. Where does all this cfm come from that powers the vibrators when the pressure is...
  6. Shariq Qazi

    Air Compressor Pressure vs CFM vs SCFM

    So my boss hook me up with the Compressed Air Calculations which we never did previously at our workplace. So started researching about the subject and designed a Compressed air system. The only thing i am not sure about now here is the relation between CFM vs SCFM vs Pressure. Let us take an...
  7. yangshi

    Low Air Compressor CFM Still Works?

    Halfway through my thesis on a mach 2 ramjet, and I unfortunately realize that I need 50-72 CFM to test it. The only ACs I have are 2 CFM portable pancakes. Is it possible to run say a 25 CFM AC at 50 CFM for a short period of 10-60 seconds? Is there a quantitative way to find how long the AC...
  8. I

    Air Cannon School Project Firing Paper Projectile

    Hey guys building an air cannon for class that shoots a wad of paper from a normal sheet of 8.5/11 paper will be dry. Question is... Is Psi more important or CFM with this light weight projectile? Plan on building from PVC, can do 100psi easy. Plan on using a diaphragm valve with a solenoid for...
  9. C

    Calculate CFM on Hydrogen Vent Pipe

    I have a large hydrogen storage tank that vents when the pressure exceeds 150 PSI. I am trying to get a rough calculation of how much hydrogen we are losing. I know it is a 2 inch pipe and the pressure drops from 150 PSI to 120PSI. The venting lasts between 2 and 5 minutes. How do I...
  10. J

    Calculating CFM Needed to Move an Object of 2lbs

    Hello, I'm new here so be gentle. I have a fan that produces 400CFM. I am attaching the fan to a 4 inch pipe in an effort to move a 2lb object down a near frictionless track. I'm having trouble figuring out CFM to the pressure/force that will act on the object. The object is approximately 2in X...
  11. yangshi

    Can Tire Inflators Provide 140 PSI at 0.3 CFM for Fine Spray Applications?

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum to ask. I have a fine spray application where I need ~140 psi but only .3CFM. I'm trying not to buy a regular air compressor (money wasted on unneeded CFM) and am looking at tire inflators, but very few of them have CFM ratings. Any suggestions?
  12. M

    How many BTU/hr needed to cool 500 CFM of air 100F degrees?

    And does it matter if you are going from 200F to 100F or 500F to 400F? ie, is it temperature dependent?Thanks
  13. I

    Static Pressure in relation to CFM

    Hey all, I’ve scoured the internet in search of an answer to no avail, so it’s time to ask the experts!My background is more Chemistry and Biology, not Physics, or specifically fluid dynamics, so bear with me! Also, this is a little long, so I will do my best to make it easy to follow.The...
  14. N

    On what does the cfm of fan depend?

    On what does the cfm of fan depend ? how to gain maximum cfm from a 1800 rpm fan ?
  15. H

    Why does static pressure decrease as CFM increases on blower fan charts?

    Hi, Looking at blower fan charts, why does the static pressure drop with increased CFM, what makes sense to me should be a pressure difference rise with increasing CFM.
  16. J

    Calculating CFM due to pressure difference

    I am working on plans for a portable air motor system, to power a scooter discretely. The motor I have picked out is a Gast 1UP-NRV-15, which is a vane-style oil-less motor, with the following specifications: 6000RPM (628 radians/second) Max torque 0.68 Newton-meters @ 1000RPM (6 in.-lbs) 373...
  17. R

    Can I determine pressure loss by only using cfm & psi at 2 locations?

    I work for a manufacturing company. We want to make some improvements to our compressed air system, but we want to establish a baseline of our current efficiency for cost justifications, etc. One planned improvement, is redesigning our current piping layout. We spoke with a consultant who wants...
  18. L

    Calculating CFM based on Power Dissipation and Max Junction Temp

    I know how to select a heat sink based on Power dissipation and max junction temp. But how do I relate this to CFM of a fan. How I calculate CFM based on pd and max junction temp?
  19. B

    Converting CFM on an Anemometer help? 4.5 inch orifice on vacuum

    I have an anemometer that I bought that does not have the ability to put in the ID of the orifice I am trying to measure. In this case it is a 4.5 inch orifice-stays the same for me 95 percent of the time. Does anyone know how I convert the reading manually so that I can get an accurate...
  20. G

    Can You Calculate CFM from 0.6 MPA and Duct Size?

    how to convert 0.6 mpa to cfm
  21. A

    What Is the Optimal CFM for Lifting a 100 kg Weight with an Air Compressor?

    Respected Gentelmens please advice regarding to my queries. What would be required range of cfm of air compressor to lift a weight about 100 kg. and advice regarding small but effective air compressor available.
  22. J

    CFM calculation with a known fan and different inlet and outlet areas

    Hello, Here are the known's of a chassis: Inlet open area = 17 inches^2 Outlet open area = 30 inches^2 Internal Fans = 270 cfm (3 fans @ 90 cfm each) What is the CFM through the system and what's the equations used to figure this out? I assume that if we had a very small inlet or...
  23. J

    Flow rate (CFM) in a different inlet are & outlet area

    Hello, Here are the knowns: Inlet open area = 17 inches^2 Outlet open area = 30 inches^2 Internal Fans = 270 cfm (3 fans @ 90 cfm each) What is the CFM through the system and what's the equations used to figure this out? Thanks a ton! John
  24. 2

    Maximizing CFM Potential: Calculating Air Tank Capacity and Volume Differences

    Say I have a 10 gallon air tank, how would I figure out the CFM potential for the given volume? Also, what is the volume difference between a 10 gallon tank and 10 lbs. tank?
  25. D

    Compressed air discharge calculation for CFM and volume

    Ok here is my problem. We have a static value that we use for determining the cost of air based on the pipe size and the CFM used. What I have is the size of the pipe openings and what my constant static pressure is. The air is being blown into a vacuum. System details: Lead pipes is 4...
  26. E

    Calculating Blower Flow in CFM - Required Data & Equation

    dears; happy new year... I would like to ask you about how can I calculate the blower flow in CFM. what are the required data that must be available. Also I need the equation that calculate the flow.
  27. J

    Calculating the power required to compress air to X pressure at Y CFM?

    How can I calculate the power needed to compress air to a given pressure and CFM? I need to select an electric motor that is capable of compressing air to 2 PSI at 520 CFM. I would appreciate the formula(s), not just an answer to this pressure/volume, as I will probably be playing around...
  28. D

    Air Compressor Capacity in CFM

    Hi, First time user here. I was hoping someone could help me calculate the CFM of air needed for an Air Compressor to air-clean 16 tubes. The Compressor is connected to a header that has 116 PSI of Pressure. The header is connected to 16 thin pipes that have nozzle tips with a 1.5 inch...
  29. M

    Calculating Exit Temperature of a Fan Given its CFM and Blade Size

    If I have a typical Fan with a given CFM or even the outside diameter of the blade can I find the exIting temperature? Is there a formula out there to determine the exit temp. Assumptions: The fan is located in the middle of a room so we are not mixing in different temperatures. Given...
  30. D

    Calculating CFM hole size and delta P known

    I'm looking to fabricate a small version of this device http://energyconservatory.com/products/products7.htm , which is used to measure airflow through a typical residential bath fan. It adjusts to three different known hole sizes, and typically connects to a manometer that has algorithms built...
  31. A

    CFM conversion to thrust Help

    Hey guys! I'm new to the forums here and was after some help for something that I am currently working on. I need help converting cfm to thrust, i have found the formula though i can't get my head around it. Here it is: CFM = Cubic Feet per Minute = Volumetric Flow Rate Mass Flow Rate =...
  32. S

    Parallel or inline for most cfm

    I'm building a blower system with 4, 5.7 inch thu-flow motors they are 122 cfm @ 2" orfice with 2 stage blower. When I build the system will they have more cfm building the system with 4 parallel motors dumping into a funnel or y piping 2 inline systems?
  33. M

    How Does Air Pressure and CFM Affect Performance in a Racecar Scoop?

    I'm generally pretty good with mechanical physics, but I haven't taken a fluidics class yet to know how to answer my own question- On our racecar (http://www.mcdermottfamilyracing.com ), we have a scoop of given dimensions (that i don't have yet, but will get soon). It's of a trapezoidal shape...
  34. X

    Relationship between CFM vs PSI

    I have been "googling" to find the relationship between the above, and the answer has mostly been a resounding "NO". Maybe my question is not "CFM" vs "PSI", but that is the only way I know how to descibe my question. I will explain the scenario: I have air flowing at a constant speed...
  35. R

    How cfm 56 -3 turbofan engine start ?

    I know all procees of cfm 56 -3 . how its work and everything but i am not understanding starting system of cfm56 - 3. cfm 56 -3 has two shaft n1 and n2 . N1 is coneected with low pressure compressor , lp turbine and connected with fan . N2 shaft is coneected with hp turbine and hp...
  36. S

    Calculating Gasflow (CFM) with Pressure (PSI) and Sound (dBuV)

    Hi, Is it possible to calculate gasflow(cfm) given pressure(psi) and sound(dbuv). I am writing some software to report and track air leaks and the hardware the user will be using is the ultraprobe 9000. Thanks and I appreciate any information.
  37. R

    Displacement of CFM at 5km/h in 10ft x 50ft Cylinder

    hello, what would be the displacement of cfm when the wind is moving at 5km/h through a cylinder 10ft in diameter by 50 feet long. Thanks!
  38. D

    Calculating CFM from 800 PSI Air Supply

    If I have an unlimited air supply with 800 PSI and fed through a 1' pipe how do I calculate the CFM
  39. P

    General rule for finding cfm delivery in pipe

    OK, if someone could please help. I need a GENERAL rule for finding cfm in pipe 120psi at source 1/2in copper pipe 10ft drop 100ft of pipe can someone give me a VERY simple equation on how to figure out the cfm capability of this pipe? I don't need a complex long equation, i...
  40. T

    How much lift thrust would a 252 CFM 120mm fan provide?

    Hey guys, I'm a college student looking to build a miniature RC plane based off this picture here: [PLAIN]http://www.kruxor.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/SC2_Banshee_Art.jpg As you can see, the thrust needed to lift and mobilize the plane is provided by the two fans on the sides (does this...
  41. J

    Calculating CFM at 40 psi from 3.7 CFM @ 90 psi

    I have an air compressor rated for 3.7 cfm @ 90 psi. what would the cfm be @ 40 psi? Is there a simple formula I can use?
  42. S

    Find CFM Formula: Pipe Diameter & PSI

    I just want the formula that shows how to find for CFM. I have the pipe diameter and the PSI that are available. I'm just using air, nothing special.
  43. J

    Increase CFM with Multiple Fans: Building Advice

    I built the unit linked below several years ago. I wanted to rebuild it to utilize a electrostatic filter and bag filter. Right now I just run 2 filters (11 merv) before the fans and 1 filter (11 merv) after the fans. I know things like design, filters, etc all work into the calculations of...
  44. U

    Calculating the required fan size and cfm.

    hi, I am an electronic engineer student and I am doing a study on control systems that can be used to control a ball's height in a vertical wind tunnel. I have a problem in calculating the fans needed (as in size and number of blades) and the amount of cfm that the fans need to produce...
  45. N

    Calculating CFM for Compressed Air Venting Down to Atmospheric Pressure

    Hello gentlemen! I'm rather new to this whole complex world we call compressed air. :) Put simply, I have spent the past 4 hours trying to find this answer anywhere and I am just not informed enough about all these numbers to get what I need to find out. I have an air cylinder that is...
  46. B

    CFM converted to m/s wind speed

    Can you help with this question? I have a solid tube 10'D x 5'L with 2 42" drum fans in one end producing about 19,000CFM each. I need to know what the velocity will be at the end of the tube in M/S. Also, will the fans be more efficient if there is a seal around the opening where the fan...
  47. D

    Calculating Fan CFM Needed to Blow a Ping Pong Ball Vertically

    I'm currently building a device that will blow a ping pong ball vertically up a tube but don't know what fan I am going to need. Each fan gives a CFM flow rate but the problem is that I don't know how to calculate the required fan CFM i'll need in order to push the ball vertically. In other...
  48. X

    Horsepower in relation to cfm, engine displacement, and a few others

    Hey everyone, this is my first post. A short while ago I came across web-calculator that calculated some theoretical horsepower based on values you entered. The values were CFM (amount of air flow) atmospheric pressure based on a barometer reading (you could choose either inches mercury or...
  49. W

    Which Fan Design Maximizes CFM Through a 6 Hole?

    Hello I was wondering if there was someone on this forum who could help me with this. Basically my question sums up to this: There are 2 fans with equal size/power/cfm. Air must exit a 6" hole. Which design would produce the best CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) of air flow? I have attached a...
  50. K

    How to calculate cfm through pipe

    I work at a cement distribution terminal. We load bulk powdered cement pneumatically into ships. Part of this operation is to remove the excess air from the ship by use of dust collectors. I need to know if my dust collectors are pulling enough cfm to keep up with the total cfm going into the...