What is Conversation: Definition and 67 Discussions

Conversation is interactive communication between two or more people. The development of conversational skills and etiquette is an important part of socialization. The development of conversational skills in a new language is a frequent focus of language teaching and learning. Conversation analysis is a branch of sociology which studies the structure and organization of human interaction, with a more specific focus on conversational interaction.

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  1. PainterGuy

    Can't find a private message exchanged with another member

    Hi, I was checking my private messages under "Conversations" but was only able to see one conversation. I'm sure that I had more messages there. Are the private messages/conversations get deleted after some time? Thanks!
  2. S

    How do our brains process information differently depending on the task at hand?

    Wasn't sure where to drop this thread, so here it is! I've searched the internet and this forum, perhaps I don't have the correct keywords, but I haven't been able to find anything that discusses this topic. I'm interested to know about your individual experience of learning. I'd like to think...
  3. F

    Can we omit some words in colloquial conversation?

    Can we omit some words in conversation? And when and what words we can omit?
  4. kolleamm

    Average response time in a conversation?

    Is there any average time between responses in a simple conversation using speech (not text)? For example Bob : Hello 1sec gap Mike : Hey!
  5. ISamson

    Open-Source uC Circuit Boards -- Comparisons & Conversation

    Hello, Having bought now my Arduino UNO I can't help but notice how many other open-source and similar boards there are (RaspberryPi, CIRCUIT Computer...). My friend has a RaspberryPi 2 and sometimes talks to me about it. I can't help but wonder what is the difference between all these such...
  6. F

    A Conservation Laws GR problem

    Consider a 4 current J^\mu and a metric g then conservation laws will require \del_\mu J^\mu = 0 my lecturer gave me a brief problem and I think I'm missing some understanding of it he writes What I'm not understanding is, where he states, if we choose B to be the time slice between etc...
  7. J

    Adding people to conversations in PF

    How do I add a person to a conversation on this site?
  8. T

    How to begin a conversation with a girl on FB?

    I met a girl that's 2 years older than me on this weekend and we were having fun, but now when I am back I added her on FB and don't know what to speak with her about, and how to begin the conversation? Btw. I am 14 years old.
  9. DennisN

    Tyson & Dawkins: A Conversation on Science and Religion

    Richard Dawkins Conversation with Neil deGrasse Tyson at Hayden Planetarium (Published on Sep 8, 2015) Enjoy...
  10. ohwilleke

    Is Isospin Conversation Required In The Standard Model?

    A new experimental result from BESIII finds that there is isospin violation in the decays of J/Psi mesons in a path involving scalar mesons (with a narrow width in tension with world averages) and notes that a previous experiment found isospin violation in another decay chain...
  11. L

    Displacement in Conversation of Energy on Incline vs Projectile

    How come when I do a conservation of energy up an incline the displacement is the distance up the incline, but when I do a conservation of energy from a projectile the displacement is not the resultant of the x and y displacements (instead, it's only the displacement in the y-direction)? Thank-you
  12. T

    Bullet is fired into block at at offset, conversation of kinetic energy?

    Homework Statement Hello, first year engineering student here :)https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpf1/v/t35.0-12/10744040_871781156179440_107104578_o.jpg?oh=73c4261941e7ef6b7c682558c0925a63&oe=544F5CA4&__gda__=1414428985_0415c28b8b2e194bf0b57f065267fe49 [/B] The question is...
  13. Entanglement

    Force fields and law of conversation of energy

    Why aren't force fields such as magnetic, electric and gravitational fields considered as a violation to law of conversation of energy?? :confused:
  14. I

    Why is conversation across continents instantaneous using telephone?

    For my question let us just consider two telephone (POTS) connected by wire, junction boxes, several telephone switches/exchanges etc without any wireless connection. One telephone is in continent A and other is in continent B. I understand how sound is converted into electric current by a...
  15. S

    Problem with spring + inclined plane + conversation of energy etc

    Homework Statement A ball (considered as a point) of mass m = 1.5kg is launched from a spring with a Δx= 5cm. Find the elastic constant K knowing that the ball is forced to travel the path ABC and that at point C its speed is zero. AB has no friction while BC has a friction μk=0.05. At point C...
  16. M

    Conversation of Energy/ I'm stuck

    Homework Statement a cannon is fired out of a cannon at a velocity of 28m/s and at an angle of 90°. Straight up. Assume it starts at a height of 0, figure out the max height it will reach. Air resistance is ignored. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I'm not 100% on this but...
  17. Monique

    Striking up conversation at a party

    So yesterday I was at a party and a situation still bothers me, I was wondering how others would deal with it. Basically I knew none of the women and few of the men on a superficial level. I was in a conversation with my boyfriend and a female. My boyfriend excuses himself, the female also walks...
  18. D

    Conversation of energy to determine angular velocity

    Homework Statement [From Serway College Physics; Ch 8, problem 52] Use conversation of energy to determine the angular speed of the spool shown in the figure after the 3.00 kg bucket has fallen 4.00 m, starting from rest. The light string attached to the bucket is wrapped around the spool and...
  19. DeusAbscondus

    MHB Math and memorization conversation in education (from another thread)

    Jameson, 1. I thought that because what I have integrated is essentially an area that it should be written as squared units (since the unit of measurement isn't otherwise stipulated) 2. thanks for the tip regarding mixed fractions; duly noted! "Using Tactic D-15 ..." You encapsulate my...
  20. J

    Geocentricism, could you comment on a conversation I had about it?

    I have been having a conversation via email with someone who adamantly agrees with the statements of geocentricism. My first few comments were crap, but after that it got better. What do you think about his statements back? Sorry that this is so long, feel free to skim. My statements are...
  21. F

    Cause of echo in VoIP conversation

    Hello Forum, it can happen that in a VoIP conversation we hear some echo, i.e. we hear our voice, with a certain delay... We speak and the signal goes to the receiving party. Why would a copy of our voice signal make a round trip and come back to us? What causes that "reflection" of the...
  22. O

    SHM: Different Final Answers When Using Energy Conversation & Trigonometry

    1. The Question from Text: "A forest playground has a tyre hanging from a tree branch. The tyre behaves like a pendulum, with a rope of 4.0 metres length, and the tyres mass 15 kg. A child of mass 45 kg swings on the tyre by pulling it 3.0 metres to one side and leaping on. What is the maximum...
  23. P

    Why Is Kinetic Energy Zero for the 4kg Carriage in This Problem?

    I attached the problem and the solution. The book uses V has potential energy and T as KE. I'm not quite sure how they did this problem. I was following it until the 2nd to last line of equations. where they have "8.829-11.772+1/2*6*v^2+0=0" Why don't they have the KE for the 4kg...
  24. C

    Another Conversation of Energy Problem

    Homework Statement I already solved Part A so just ignore that. Basically part B is saying that the ramp is no longer frictionless and has a kinetic coefficient of friction of 0.30. The other surfaces are still frictionless. It wants me to figure out how much work is done ON the block by...
  25. E

    Inelastic Collision or Conversation of Energy?

    Homework Statement Leonard wants to know how fast he can throw a ball, so he hangs a 2.3 kg target on a rope from a tree. He picks up a 0.5 kg ball of clay and throws it horizontally against the target. The clay sticks to the target and the clay and the target swing up to a height of 1.5m...
  26. Jadaav

    Investigating the Doppler Effect on Conversation Outcomes

    I noticed that once I was talking to a friend close to me and then a vehicle passed by with a huge sound and then I merely heard what he said. Can someone explain me why ? even though that friend was close to me ? Does it have any connection with the Doppler effect ?
  27. T

    Electromagnets and Conversation of Energy

    Running an electric current through a copper wire induces a magnetic field. Wrapping that wire around a ferromagnetic material amplifies its magnetic field (this is the basis on which electromagnets are designed*). This does not violate Newton's first law of thermodynamics because magnetic...
  28. Loren Booda

    The best physics conversation you've had with a novice

    Party goers, barflies, class reunionists, students, friends, coworkers, family and whomever you have attempted explaining physics to. Big bang, black holes, quantum mechanics, superstrings/branes, stereo, cars, astronomy, Einstein, Newton etc. Do you find them more receptive to physics...
  29. P

    How to Sell Myself Better & Be More Attractive for Dating

    Hey, my problem is that I really want to flirt with girls and have dates badly. However, when approaching a girls, I feel that I have no plan. If I start a conversation anyway, it might sometimes go OK in like the first 20 seconds, but then I end up not really knowing what to say. I know...
  30. N

    Good ways to start a conversation with a girl on facebook?

    I'm 17 soon 18 years 2nd and at year of Gymnasium (senior high school). I'm pretty sure she is attracted to me, and I sure am to her.. She's in my German-class.. But I have barely talked 2 her as I am not very social in general let alone in my German-class which is filled with assholes...
  31. GeorginaS

    Conversation about defensive behaviour?

    Does anyone have any suggestions about how to engage someone in a conversation about defensive behaviour? How do you talk to them about it? Here are a couple of small examples, but not the totality of what I’m dealing with: I say – I have red hair; Kelly has brown hair. They say – Well...
  32. wasteofo2

    Have You Ever Talked to an Attractive Woman?

    Hey, Looking through this forum, it seems that many guys here are asking questions from a relatively lost, helpless perspective. They seem afraid to talk to girls, unsure of how to meet them and without the confidence to think that these women might be attracted to them. The question: who has...
  33. M

    Calculating Bullet Speed for Pendulum Swing?

    Conversation of Momentum (2 problems) Homework Statement The problem: "A 20.0 gram bullet is fired into a 2.50 kg wooden block initially at rest on a horizontal surface. After impact the block slides 2.50 m before coming to a rest. If the coefficient of kinetic friction between the block...
  34. Borg

    My Conversation with Cleverbot on Physics and Halloween

    I found this today and decided to mess with it. My conversation is below but, I'm sure that others could do much better. http://www.cleverbot.com/" User: Physics. Cleverbot: Physics? User: Yes. Cleverbot: What about math? User: Physics. Cleverbot: I love physics. User: That's...
  35. M

    The force conversation of angular momentum creates

    A body is tied to a wire that go through a hole in a (frictionless) table on which the body is spinning. The body is spinning while the wire is pulled from beneath the table. according to conversation of angular momentum the speed of the body should now increase, but in terms of forces...
  36. G

    Conversation of mechanical energy

    Homework Statement A 700 g block is released from rest at height h(not) above a vertical spring with spring constant k= 400 N/m and negligible mass. The block sticks to the spring and momentarily stops after compressing the spring 19.0 cm. How much work is done (a) by the block on the spring...
  37. C

    Energy conversation and friction

    Homework Statement At a construction site, a 65 kg bucket of concrete hangs from a light (but strong) cable that passes over a light friction-free pulley and is connected to an 80.0 kg box on a horizontal roof. The cable pulls horizontally on the box, and a 50.0 kg bag of gravel rests on top of...
  38. O

    Black holes and conversation of energy

    Alright, According to the law of Conversation of Energy states that, Energy in a system may take on various forms (e.g. kinetic, potential, heat, light). The law of conservation of energy states that energy may neither be created nor destroyed. Therefore the sum of all the energies in the system...
  39. A

    Nixon and Billy Graham: phone conversation

    Nothing particularly earth-shattering on this Nixon tape, at least not compared to other ones. But it gives you an interesting glimpse at how two very powerful men see themselves in relation to the world around them. In particular, you get to learn how they divide the world up into good people...
  40. A

    Time Travelling-Very Intereting Conversation

    I hope this is where this goes.. Does anyone believe in time travelling.. Also I hope this is considered a physics question...LOL:cool:
  41. O

    Symmetries and Conversation Laws

    According to Noether Theorem, Every symmetry corresponds to a conversation Law in the nature. For example: If rotational symmetry exits, Angular momentum is conserved. How can I be sure that which symmetry corresponds to which conversation Law? Can you tell me the conversation Laws under...
  42. T

    Normal conversation with people, use as less 'I' as possible

    From experience, I have found that in a normal conversation with people, use as less 'I' as possible. Because as soon as 'I' is used the other people get irritated and starts using 'I' as well. Hence everyone starts talking about themselves which leads to everyone being uncomfortable. Do you...
  43. A

    Principle of Conversation Of Energy question

    Homework Statement 2 objects are connected by a light string passing over a light frictionless pulley. The 5kg object is released from rest. Using the principle of conservation of energy, (a) determine the speed of the 3kg object just as the 5kg object hits the ground The picture shows...
  44. O

    Conversation of energy / momentum problem weird circumstance in equations

    Homework Statement a projectile of mass M explodes into three fragments while in flight at velocity v. one fragment of mass M/2 travels in the original direction, one of mass 3M/10 comes to rest and the third fragment of mass M/5 travels in the opposite direction. The energy released in the...
  45. ~christina~

    Sound Intensity and Power Calculations in a Conversation

    Homework Statement Suppose that the sound level of a conversation between two men is initially at an angry 70 dB before dropping to a soothing 50 dB. (a) Assuming that the frequency of the sound is 500 Hz, determine the initial and final sound intensities. (b) What are the initial and...
  46. Z

    Noisy Jackhammer Man: Special Headphones Allow Conversation

    Noisy Jackhammer man...has special headphones so he can hear you, you cannot hear him My physics teacher wants us to answer this "A special device can transmit out-of-phase sound from a noisy jackhammer to earphones worn by its operator. Over the noise of the jackhammer, the operator can easily...
  47. F

    Tricking Husband into Learning Calculus: A Math Conversation with Your Spouse

    I want to talk to my husband about math. How can I trick him into learning calculus?
  48. P

    Is Global Warming a Real Threat?

    I know there is already a post on this, but I just wanted to make a point. I live in California, so obviously there is a great deal of controversy here by the coast and especially where I am (a small conservative community) whether or not warming is legit (long story short, I believe...)...
  49. marcus

    Bloggingheads conversation re string-think

    http://bloggingheads.tv/video.php?id=236&cid=1245 this has a (to me) really interesting conversation between two science journalists or science writers with special interest in physics the reason it is interesting to me, is that one half of it is George Johnson, and he is IMHO the most or one...
  50. R

    Starting a Conversation with Someone You Don't Know

    I want to meet a girl , but i don't know any of her friends. so how can i begin a conversation? just walk nearly and say "hi". what can i do? I am like kind of shy.