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    Newton's Law of Cooling Question- relationship between the temperature of the substance and the initial room temperature

    Through the research that I conducted is that I wasn't able to find actual supporting answer to this question. I struggle with Physics and math and because of Coronavirus my school has shut down meaning I don't have access to my teachers or tutor. The main line that i am thinking is that if it...
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    Exponential decay

    Homework Statement superman has been disabled by a nearby amount of kryptonite, which decays exponentially. If Superman cannot regain his power until 90% og the kryptonite disintegrates, then how long will it be before he regain his powers? Use r=-0.138629. Round to the nearest day. a. 4days...
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    Creating an Exponential decay equation for given parameters

    So, I am wanting to vary a parameter in an equation with respect to time. Vary mass flow [ m(t) ] for an exponential decay to half its original value in around 60 seconds. I know the regular decay equation where: m(t)=m0*exp(-At) but I want the value to approach a steady state at 60 seconds...