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  1. garthenar

    Quartus II 18.1 (light version) -- problem getting functional simulation to work

    Homework Statement:: None. This is part of implementing a project and not an actual question. It's a technical problem or equipment failure. Relevant Equations:: The Code I get is; Error: (vlog-7) Failed to open design unit file "Waveform.vwf.vt" in read mode. [Mentor Note -- moved to the...
  2. Abimbola1987

    FPGA/CPLD advice appreciated

    Dear Sirs, I'm using Microchip PIC's as programmable laboratory timer among other things, but the 100ns instruction cycles are not adequate anymore. So I thought of beefing it up with a 5M40Z MAX-V CPLD which has 5ns end-to-end delay, bought the programmer and downloaded the Quartus Prime Lite...
  3. kostoglotov

    Holiday project goals for undergrads with an FPGA?

    It's a student project for vacation research, under-grad, not sure how many of us, there'll probably be 4-6, we're motivated. My original proposal was to get an FPGA (on an Artix-7 or Z-board) to run a CID camera sensor as a dumb peripheral, do some basic image processing stuff on it (perhaps...
  4. R

    Labview FPGA control AD9854 help

    I am trying to write a Labview program to control two AD9854's which will generate the signal for AODs in an optical trapping setup. Unfortunately I'm not an EE and I don't have much experience with Labview so I was wondering if someone already had the VI's to do this with Labview FPGA. We have...
  5. Mr.Robot

    Interfacing 8 Bit ALU on LCD ( fpga kit )

    I have the code of 8 bit ALU and code of lcd controller mounted on spartan 3E fpga kit. but i am unable to sync the program. Please help me with it! Thank you!