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Desigining A Microcontroller On Fpga using Verilog Hdl

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    Hi to all.

    I am into my last semester of graduation, i have assigned a project "Design of a micro controller using verilog in a fpga"
    i am studding the following books for help.
    and Verilog HDL (2nd Edition) by Samir Palnitkar
    i have searched alot, my supervisor is not helping me i dont know what i should do.
    i am using Xilinx project navigator.
    plz help me and guide me that how should start programming it from scrap, and what i must do.
    i know how to make adders, encodes, shift registers etc.
    so plz guide me.

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    What exactly are you looking for, you can buy any of several soft processors for a FPGA. If I had to do it myself, I would look back to the old 1802 and make a model similar to it. Any of them though can be done. (BTW, I do not know Verilog; mine is of VHDL.)

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    Hi sanxmks,

    Welcome to PF!

    If you have specific question about Xilinx CAD tools, then you can ask them in the electrical engineering section. As your question currently stands, its a little too ambiguous. At this point the best advise I can give you is to refer to the manual that came with the CAD tool.
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    You can also look under projects at opencores.org. There are numerous examples of verilog microprocessor cores that you can look at to see what is involved. That may help you pick waht instruction set you want to be compatible with or what processor you want to emulate.

    You can probably simulate some with Xilinx tools without too much effort.
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