maxwell's equation

  1. Beelzedad

    I Why am I getting Maxwell's second equation wrong?

    While going through an article titled "Reflections in Maxwell's treatise" a misunderstanding popped out at page 227 and 228. Consider the following equations ##(23\ a)## and ##(23\ c)## in the article (avoiding the surface integral): ##\displaystyle \psi_m (\mathbf{r})=-\dfrac{1}{4 \pi} \int_V...
  2. lord_sphinx

    Determining D, H, and β

    In a certain region for which σ=0, μ=2μ0, and ε=10ε0, J= 60sin(109t - βz). Determine D, H, and β.
  3. saar321412

    I The D field in Maxwell's equations

    I recently saw that in the solution of a problem the following assumption was made - "there are no free charges in the problem, therefore the D field must be equal to 0 ". however if we use that logic to calculate the field of a polaraized sphere we get a wrong result (E=-P/e0 instead of E =...
  4. J

    I Faraday's Unipolar Induction Equation

    Hello all, I have a question regarding Maxwell's Equations and Faraday's unipolar induction equation. If we study the case of a cylindrical magnet with a radius of r which is rotating about its axis with angular velocity w. The electrons within the magnet collide with the moving atoms, causing...