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  1. LuccaP4

    Hamiltonian mechanics: phase diagram

    The issue here is that I don't know how to operate the final equations in order to get the phase diagram. I suppose some things are held constant so I can get a known curve such as an ellipse. I attach the solved part, I don't know how to go on.
  2. J

    A Negative pressure

    Hi everyone! I am working with the theoretical solid phase diagram of water and I would like to know what negative pressure means. Thank you in advance!
  3. Ken Gallock

    I Determinant problem in an article about QCD phase diagram

    Hi. I'm reading an article about QCD phase diagram. I want to derive eq(20), but I don't know how. Does anyone know how to derive this?
  4. R

    I Why does external pressure on a liquid increase vapor pressure

    I was reading an online chemistry textbook that said "when a liquid is subjected to hydrostatic pressure (for example, by an inert, non-dissolving gas that occupies the vapor space above the liquid surface), the vapor pressure of the liquid is slightly raised." (link...