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Fe-C Phase Diagram Gibbs-Comp Slopes

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    I need a Slopes Of Fe-C Phase Diagram. Gibbs Free Energy-Composition This following tempreatures... 1003K and 1573K. Thanks For All Replies...:frown: :frown:
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    At 1003K is the ferrite -> pearlite transformation.

    At 1573K, there are two phase boundaries, the austenite liquidus and the austenite solidus. Which one do you need ? (I assume you are not interested in the cementite melting curve)

    Also how much accuracy do you need in the slopes ? My accurate data is in the lab, and I won't get there till tomorrow.

    Right now, I can give you a couple of not so accurate numbers.

    Slope of austenite solidus @ 1573K = 216K/%C (+/- 3K/%C)
    Slope of austenite liquidus @ 1573K = 107K/%C (+/- 7K/%C)
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