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Would you say my course-load is overwhelming?

  1. Jul 5, 2015 #1
    Hello I am going to be a Sophomore in the upcoming fall semester. For the past couple of days I have been trying to decide if I should take another math class next semester. I am passionate about both math and physics so the lack of humanities does not bother me and honestly I am happier in the former types of classes. My current schedule includes:

    If I were to take another math class it would be INTRO LINEAR ALGEBRA (3), totaling in 19 credits. I would like to know if I devoted most my time to these classes, would I be able to get everything I'd want to get out of them. Do some of these class have more benefit in taking them in separate semesters or the same? I've set up my schedule so I only have these classes Monday, Wednesday and Friday (8am-2pm with at least 3 hours worth of breaks), thus leaving myself the rest of the time to study, do homework, and research. Subconsciously, I'm probably trying to test myself and see if I could handle grad school and real research, but that is only a minor factor in my decision. My heart is in the right place I want to do these courses because the work makes me happy. In conclusion, is this course load manageable. I would love it if you shared your experiences and thoughts on the matter!
    Thank you,
    (if it means anything I took 22 credits last semester and did very well, but I do not believe the courses are of the same caliber)
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    That's borderline. If I were giving advice to a student coming into my office to ask the same question, I'd look up his record from his freshman year, including course load, resulting grades, and standardized test scores.

    The way some schools teach them, it can sometimes be easier to take Diff Eq after Calc III and 1st semester Physics.
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    I'm just a fellow undergrad, but if I were you I wouldn't take linear algebra with the other classes. If instead of doing math research you were taking a lecture-style class, I'd maybe say differently, but with math research the more time you put into it the better, and there is really no upper limit.
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    I would probably take calc iv the next semester unless you need it as some sort of prerequisite. Taking a lot of math sometimes isn't as fun as it sounds.

    I think this looks like a fine 'math heavy' schedule. You could postpone linear algebra and take a distributional class if you wanted. I don't really like hum classes either but you should make sure that you are meeting your college's gen ed requirements if you have any.

    Math research
    Calc iii
    Linear algebra
    Foundations of mathematics
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