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Tilt-A-Whirl is a flat ride similar to the Waltzer in Europe, designed for commercial use at amusement parks, fairs, and carnivals, in which it is commonly found. The rides are manufactured by Larson International of Plainview, Texas.

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  1. J

    B Why does the moon appear tilted?

    Researching this I found that the usual explanation was that it was an 'illusion'. However this explanation, in my opinion, does not stand-up to the laws governing the transmission of light. I proposed that as light travels in a straight line this poses a problem for moon tilt. Most of the...
  2. P

    Calculate tilt angle of a bar lifted via two ropes on fixed points

    Summary: How to calculate the equilibrium angle of a bar that is lifted on its two ends with ropes attached to fixed lifting points? Hello and good day all, First of all I would like to apologize in advance for my english, I am not a native speaker so some grammar errors may be left. My...
  3. gutymaule98

    Calculating tilt from an AR-15

    Summary:: NEed to calculate tilt of AR-15 for school project Hello, I am creating a rifle simulator prop that will recreate realistic recoil without firing a bullet. MY idea is to use pressure gas leaving the tip of the gun in a downwards position to recreate the tilt, just like the opposite...
  4. Leo Liu

    The angle of tilt of a gyroscope

    Problem Solution My question For the torque equation, I calculated the torque of the wheel at the point at the upper end of the string L' and wrote ##\dot{\vec L_x}=\tau_x=-Mg(l+L\sin\beta) \text{[the direction of x is out of paper]}## rather than the equation highlighted by green colour...
  5. M

    Engineering Building a Tilt Calculator for Packages on a Conveyor

    I am attempting to build a calculator that will calculate the tilt of a different shapes of packages traveling along a conveyor. the variables I am most interested in considering are: length, width and height of the package; speed of conveyor; radius and degree of turns. Can anyone provide me...
  6. bbbl67

    I About the tilt of Uranus' axis

    Now, Uranus seems to have had an eventful early life. According to theory, it got hit by a large planetary body, which knocked it's axis to nearly 90°. Also according to another theory, it apparently had a close encounter with Neptune which took Neptune further away, when initially it was closer...
  7. M

    Torque required to tilt 1200 kg mass?

    Object to be tilted = 1200mm diameter cylinder Cylinder height = 2.5 meter weight of tilting assembly = 1200 kg Cylinder is on platform which is "L" shaped and tilting point is on that corner of "L" as in attached image. Shaft diameter on which it is tilted id 63mm Angular acceleration = 0.05236...
  8. Rx7man

    Does this make sense? Trailer tilt methods....

    Here's a link to a trailer manufacturer, and their claims of which style of lift/tilt system is best on a trailer... http://bigtextrailers.com/hoist-comparison/ I have a very hard time seeing how the 2 ram system is inferior to the single ram system especially.. assuming build quality is equal...
  9. anorlunda

    I What Were Earth's Rotation Rate and Tilt Before and After the Theia Impact?

    That raised an interesting question in my mind. Wikipedia was not helpful providing answers. Surely we must have estimates of Earth rotation rate and tilt both pre and post impact with Theia. What are those numbers?
  10. B

    How does a bird create a circular path by tilting its wings?

    Homework Statement A bird is able to go in a circle because it tilts its wings by theta degrees using a lift force, F. So it curves and eventually forms a full circle. if radius is 30m and the bird's velocity is 6m/s what is that tilt angle. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I...
  11. C

    I Meteor impact and axial tilt, relation to climate

    I have a hypothetical question. If there was a relatively Earth-like planet out there that somehow experienced a rather catastrophic meteor impact large enough to alter its axial tilt close to 0 degrees, would such an event render the planet essentially a desert world? I.e. there are no more...
  12. S

    Designing a Tilting Mechanism for Air Hose, Locking Methods and Resources

    Hello, I want to design a mechanism for tilting an air hose (not more than 10 kg) to a desired angle (anywhere between 0 and 90 degrees depending on operating conditions) and holding it there. I've tried googling this up but just can;t find what I was lookin for. Then I searched for...
  13. L

    Reflected Light at 3D Angle: Shift in Polarization

    I've searched high and low for answers to this, and a friend of mine finally pointed me in the right direction. I decided to write a post about it so hopefully others who have the same question will find the answer more easily. When linearly polarized light is reflected at a 3D angle, the...
  14. Adrian B

    How much do surfaces tilt due to tidal forces?

    I've read that tides deform the Earth's crust by about 40cm. When I try to visualize the tidal bulge approaching me and then receding away from me, it seems like the local surface under my feet would tilt slightly one way as the bulge approaches, then level out, and then tilt slightly the other...
  15. S

    Why does the Earth have a tilt but the moon doesn't?

    Are there any explanations, theoretical or otherwise, as to why the Earth has a tilt (causing the seasons) while the moon does not?
  16. H

    How Can I Resolve the Rotary Inertia Not Positive Definite Error in ABAQUS?

    ABAQUS :-i'm trying to tilt a rigid body with point structural mass by tilting a rigid platform acting as ground , the whole body is under gravity, i have to analyze the counter bars standing, while trying the issue the following error was shown. "Rotary inertia for the rigid bodies with the...
  17. TBan

    Use of Gyro/Accelerometer for Boat Tilt Application?

    Hello, I'm looking to try to use a gyroscope to determine the rocking motion (just side to side - not back and forth) of a boat while it is traveling forward or sitting still in the water. Specifically, I'm looking for the boat's angle from vertical and this angle's velocity. Can I do this...
  18. A

    Zero backlash worm gearing for pan and tilt

    I am designing a Pan and tilt drive for with stepper motor as prime mover. We need a zero backlash worm drive to transmit 70 Nm. motor torque is 1 Nm. What are the options.. position accuracy is 0.1 deg. thanks
  19. T

    Two moons in tidal lock orbit: phases, tides, axial tilt?

    Consider the following; We have Earth with two moons in orbit (discounting the existence of our own moon for the sake of this hypothetical scenario). One moon is the size and mass of Pluto, orbiting around 70,000km from Earth. The other is the size and mass of Pluto's moon, Charon, orbiting...
  20. L

    Find Force to Tilt a Refrigerator

    Homework Statement You are trying to tilt a very tall refrigerator (2.0 m high, 1.0 m deep, 1.4 m wide, and 100 kg) so that your friend can put a blanket underneath to slide it out of the kitchen. Determine the force that you need to exert on the front of the refrigerator at the start of its...
  21. S

    Adjusting Accelerometer Readings for Tilt and Rotation: A Scientific Approach

    I have been using an accelerometer and I have realized that it was sitting at a tilt of 18 degrees in the z direction and rotated at 5 degrees in the x y direction. How should I change my accelerometer readings to account for this?
  22. R

    RF Radiation Beam tilt question

    Hi, I am reading about how a radio station may "null fill" to direct RF radiation downward from the broadcast antenna; without this the area where the antenna is located would not receive a good signal, if any. Does anyone know what limits apply to this? If someone...
  23. PeroK

    SR Problem: Calculating Angle of Tilt of Moving Bar

    Hi, I've just started looking at SR and have got stuck with the first problem that considers 2D motion. I'm trying to work out the angle of tilt of a bar which is horizontal in one frame but moving horizontally and vertically wrt a second frame. I can't seem to pin down where the bar is at...
  24. W

    What If Earth Had a 45 Degree Tilt?

    What would Earth be like with a 45 degree tilt?
  25. A

    Need axial tilt info of earth daily

    so i wanted to know for my own GK about Earth's daily axial tilt.So far i have found only axial tilt on solstice and equinox. there is one way but it is cumbersome and that is to manually find it
  26. R

    Earth's axial tilt and the shadow from the Sun

    I have watched the Sun's shadow make its trek from the solstice moments for many years. I have it marked and like to observe it as Earth's tilt reaches it's maximum point, from Summer to Winter and back. I used a heliodon to built a large structure (80 feet long/12 feet tall=roofline of my...
  27. P

    Gimbal table; tilt calculation given acceleration

    I am working on an electronics project which is sort of an auto-correcting two-axis gimbal table. There are two degrees of freedom, being two square frames - one can rotate on a pitch or y-axis, the outer frame can rotate about a roll or x-axis. There is a third outer frame which is fixed to a...
  28. S

    Why does Earth have an axial tilt

    Why does Earth have an axial tilt? I thought it may be due to the suns mass and the gravitational effect on space. But Mercury and Venus doesn't have a tilt so I concluded that can't be a plausible explanation.
  29. M

    Tilt of Earth's Equator: Arctic, Antarctic, Tropics

    Homework Statement Suppose the tilt of Earth’s equator relative to its orbit were 177.4◦ (like Venus) instead of 23.5◦. At what latitudes would the Arctic and Antarctic Circles and the two Tropics be lo- cated? Homework Equations N/A The Attempt at a Solution I would like...
  30. C

    If Earths tilt was at 40 degrees

    What would the seasons be like and how would this effect the polar, temperate and tropic regions? I am writing a paper on what different tilts would do to Earth. Any answers will be appreciated
  31. M

    How did Eratosthenes calculate the tilt of the Earth?

    Eratosthenes was a Greek mathematician who calculated the circumference of the Earth in 240 BC by using shadows and geometry. That's already ridiculous, but then I read he also calculated the tilt of the Earth! How did he do that? This guy was definitely a time traveller from the future. lol.
  32. M

    Accelerometer tilt error correction

    I am using arduino and accelerometer MMA7341 to measure the acceleration in x direction of an oscillating metal table. But the mounting of the accelerometer is tilted by a small angle (say Q) . Is it affect the acceleration?. If it is affect the acceleration in x direction , how can correct it...
  33. T

    Is Moon so crucial for axial tilt stability of the planet?

    I often hear that for planet to have life on it it must have proportionaly large moon to keep it's axial tilt small like Earth is between 21.5° to 24.5° and not like Mars that varies from 15° to 35° which makes destructive effect on possible life that could flourish. But doesn't Venus have...
  34. T

    History of the Earth's Axial Tilt

    The degree of the Earth's axis has changed throughout history. If I am not mistaken, I believe that people can make very accurate estimates about the historic degrees of the Earth's axial tilt. If this is the case, then I would like ask some questions 1. What was the degree of the...
  35. M

    Tilt of the earth's axis. Why does it change?

    I recently read that the Earth's axial tilt fluctuates between 22 degrees and 24 degrees. Can someone explain what causes the tilt to change? If I assume the Earth is perfectly spherical, gravitational forces cannot change the tilt. So, is that the reason i.e. that the Earth is not perfectly...
  36. D

    Precession Tilt Angle: Exploring Physics of Spinning Top

    Im trying to understand the physics of the precession of a spinning top. What determines the tilt angle (the angle the top is tilted off the vertical axis)?
  37. J

    Exploring the Ecliptic Plane's Tilt

    Hi, 1/ The ecliptic plane is tilted at a constant angle (23,45°) as compared to the celestial equator. So, why the angle between ecliptic and equator is +23,45° at spring equinox and -23,45° at autumnal equinox ? 2/ On this document, ε = 23°27'. Why don't we have ψ = ε = 23°27' ? The...
  38. T

    Tilting Objects: Learn How to Tilt an Object for Portable Device Design

    Hi all, Im designing a portable device and a part of that device would need to "tilt" a object. For example if I were to put a rod into a cylinder, the cylinder would need to move at tilted angle to have the rod face another direction. Like back and forward, side to side, or even make it rotate...
  39. P

    Calculating Tilt Angle for Mounted iPad Using Accelerometer Readings

    we have an Ipad mounted on a vehicle and would like to know that if the ipad is mounted in a tilted manner, would the gforces along x, y, z directions change. if so how do we calculate the tilt angle from the accelerometer readings recorded before and after the tilt.
  40. J

    Designing slider controller for controlling tilt angle of differential

    designing slider controller for controlling tilt angle of propellors I've been working on designing a tilt rotor. The propellers need to tilt from straight up to horizontally forward - 90 deg to 0 deg. I need to design the tilting mechanism, but more specifically at the moment, what I'm...
  41. B

    How Do You Calculate Tilt Stiffness as a Function of Linear Stiffness and Angle?

    Folks, See attached. I wish to calculate the tilt stiffness as a function of some linear stiffness. My attempt is on the RHS of FBD and there is somebody elses attempt on the LHS. I am not sure if it is right. I have 2 queries 1) My attempt on the RHS I wrote the expression of f in...
  42. B

    How do I calculate tilt stiffness as a function of linear stiffness?

    Folks, See attached. I wish to calculate the tilt stiffness as a function of some linear stiffness. My attempt is on the RHS of FBD and there is somebody elses attempt on the LHS. I am not sure if it is right. I have 2 queries 1) My attempt on the RHS I wrote the expression of f in...
  43. D

    Optimal Tilt Angle of Solar Array

    Hello! I have a difficult problem I have been working with recently. I have been trying to model the ever changing position of a solar PV array system. The system is a single axis tracker and orientates itself to have the smallest angle of incidence(AOI) to the suns beam as possible (the best...
  44. S

    Angular tilt from a x/y angles

    Hi, I have to measure a object as it goes up a incline. I have both X and Y angles, which is fine if the object travels perfectly up or down a incline. What I cannot figure out, is if the object travels (for lack of a better term) diagonally up a incline, how to figure out its total...
  45. S

    How can I calculate the angle of tilt for moon phase at my location?

    I have an iPad app almost complete that displays live weather data from my home weather station here in Hawaii for community use. I'm showing a picture of the moon phase, and a UPS freight pilot friend who flies at night pointed out that the conventional vertical phase orientation is...
  46. S

    Red Tilt in CMB | Explaining Inflation & Measurement

    Can anyone give a good explnanation of red tilt in comsology? why inflation predicts this and how its measured in the CMb? Many thanks.
  47. E

    Tipler Cylinders: Solving for Light Cone Tilt Angle

    I was looking for a paper or textbook that would provide "working equations" for Tipler Cylinders. In other words, is there an equation(s) that would provide the light cone tilt angle as a function of the cylinder's diameter, height, density, and angular velocity?
  48. R

    Calculating Tilt Angle for Flat Intersecting Coordinate System

    Hi all, a flat intersects with unknown tilt angle a Cartesian coordinate system into it's origin. Let's suppose the flat "rising" from negative Z values. We know: - vertical angles between flat and X, Y axis, let's suppose 10° each; - horizontal angle between tilt direction and axis. Because...
  49. I

    Counterbalancing the tilt of earth

    Hello, Recent NASA study has shown that the construction of Three Gorges Dam in China has contributed to shift in the pole thus increase in the tilt of the axis of rotation. Now my doubt is, can this tilt or shift in pole be restored by constructing another similar dam in diametrically...
  50. E

    How Does Uranus' Tilt Influence the Orbits of Its Moons?

    One of the leading theories that explains Uranus' tilt is that it was hit early in its lifetime by a protoplanet, which disrupted its rotation axis and caused its unusual tilt. How does this hypothesis explain Uranus' moons as well? Most of them are aligned to the equator, and some are also...