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Designing slider controller for controlling tilt angle of differential

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    designing slider controller for controlling tilt angle of propellors

    I've been working on designing a tilt rotor.

    The propellers need to tilt from straight up to horizontally forward - 90 deg to 0 deg.

    I need to design the tilting mechanism, but more specifically at the moment, what I'm trying to figure out, is the control mechanism. I want to use a slider controller, where all the way forward = 0 deg = horizontally forward = full forward thrust, and all the way back = 90 deg = vertically up = all power devoted to lift force.

    I know that part of this involves mechanical engineering, but like I said before, what I'm concerned about at the moment is the actual electronic control mechanism.

    And I guess I should maybe ask in the M.E. section if this will work: I want to use a system of a gear box (and a separate motor/actuator to rotate the differential) to tilt the rotors.

    But what I want to ask the E.E. community specifically is where I would get the slider control system to control the tilt angle, or if it cannot be obtained, how to design it?

    Thanks so much.

    - Jagz

    - Edit:

    After some research I realize I need to use a servo system.
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    jim hardy

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    how is tilt angle measured?

    a simple comparison of desired to measured angle is starting point and could be as simple as two potentionmeters.

    look for articles on servo mechanisms
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