What is Uniformity: Definition and 29 Discussions

The Act of Uniformity 1662 (14 Car 2 c 4) is an Act of the Parliament of England. (It was formerly cited as 13 & 14 Ch.2 c. 4, by reference to the regnal year when it was passed on 19 May 1662.) It prescribed the form of public prayers, administration of sacraments, and other rites of the Established Church of England, according to the rites and ceremonies prescribed in the Book of Common Prayer. Adherence to this was required in order to hold any office in government or the church, although the 1662 edition of the Book of Common Prayer prescribed by the Act was so new that most people had never even seen a copy. The Act also required that the Book of Common Prayer 'be truly and exactly Translated into the British or Welsh Tongue'. It also explicitly required episcopal ordination for all ministers, i.e. deacons, priests and bishops, which had to be reintroduced since the Puritans had abolished many features of the Church during the Civil War.
A few sections of this Act were still in force in the United Kingdom at the end of 2010.

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  1. C

    B How do fields retain their uniformity with interposing objects?

    Why don't interposing objects interfere with the integrity of a field's energy between the source and its absorber? For example, the Sun's gravitational field spreads uniformly through space. If there are interposing objects like Mercury or Venus between the Sun and the Earth, why don't they...
  2. shivajikobardan

    MHB Chi-square test vs K-S test of uniformity, is it necessary to normalize values between 0-1?

    Say two digits numbers are given like 10,20,30,55,95,85,12,13,52...etc. Is it necessary to normalize them to numbers between 0 to 1? i.e 0.10 for 10, 0.20 for 20 and so on? I've read this to be the case for K-S test. But I'm not sure for chi-square test. I'm not 100% sure on this information as...
  3. E

    I Measuring Spacing with Shortcut Technique: Is Uniformity Achieved?

    I saw on a home improvement show some "shortcut" for measuring out a series of fixed measurements over a distance (it pertained to spacing baluster for porch railing). The contractor places a series of lines of some small incremental distance (1 or 2 inches say) on an elastic fabric band, and...
  4. WrathofAtlantis

    Prop disc thrust uniformity in turns vs wing position

    I would like to know what is the current consensus on the effect of the position of the wing relative to a tractive propeller disc's uniformity of thrust (the focus configuration would be WWII fighters).
  5. IonReactor

    A (Plasma Physics) Spatial uniformity of particle species

    Early in Bellan he asks us to consider a finite-temperature plasma and assume that the ion and electron densities are initially equal and spatially uniform. He approaches the problem of calculating the Debye length by considering each species of particle, σ , as being a fluid so that the...
  6. Green dwarf

    I Is inflation needed to explain uniformity?

    Inflation seems to explain why distantly separated parts of the universe are at the same temperature etc. But I've never seen any reason why the different parts should have been at different temperatures in the first place. Is there a simple answer to that?
  7. A

    Breakdown Voltage Depends on Field Uniformity?

    Which is higher, the breakdown voltage if the electric field is uniform or the breakdown voltage if the electric field is non-uniform ?
  8. Brunolem33

    B Uniformity of Particles Formed After Big Bang

    In the beginning there was the Big Bang...then there was plasma...then there were particles, and so on... Now, how is it possible that from a cooling plasma, randomly (?) emerged particles that are so perfectly uniform? I mean, all neutrons are exactly the same...size, mass, properties...and...
  9. S

    B Particle Uniformity: Are All Particles Alike?

    I was wondering if all particles of a given type are considered to be exactly alike.
  10. cosmonium

    What Causes Spacetime to Return to Uniformity?

    so i am somewhat new to the theory of general relativity but in none of the papers i have read does anyone seem to explain what causes matter to attract... for example, the moon and the Earth are attracted to each other because each of them warps spacetime around themselves. these warped pockets...
  11. W

    Help understanding a set and its distribution

    Homework Statement given set C = {(x,y)|x,y are integers, x^2 + |y| <= 2} Suppose they are uniformly distributed and we pick a point completely at random, thus p(x,y)= 1/11 Homework Equations Listing it all out, R(X) = {-1,-2,0,1,2} = R(y) The Attempt at a Solution My problem is that when I...
  12. C

    Magnetic field uniformity problem

    Homework Statement While at an engineering internship, you reminisce about the similarities between gravitational fields, electric fields, and magnetic fields. You know that two infinite sheets of opposite charge can be used to create a uniform electric field (for points between the two sheets)...
  13. A

    Uniformity of thermal vibrations

    Hello, I have a question on the nature of vibrations due to thermal energy. Earlier today I read this article which talked about cooling a glass string to near absolute zero using feedback from a high precision sensor. http://phys.org/news/2015-08-smallest-vibration.html what I understood from...
  14. L

    Current density uniformity electrode array

    Hi All, I'm working on a research project that requires putting an electrode array with 4 elements into a flexible tube filled with conductive liquid. The electrode array is a series of balls, with the first being positive and the last being negative. The idea is to measure the change in...
  15. R

    The Power of Magnetism: Examining Magnetic Field Uniformity

    Is the magnetic field created by a magnet equally powerful across the entire surface area of the pole?
  16. Entanglement

    Velocity uniformity of rotation in dynamos and DC motors.

    How can velocity uniformity in dynamos and motors be explained? What's the mechanism of that happening ? I'm aware that Newton's first law is involved in that situation where an equal and opposite torque must act on the coil during its rotation so the net torque is Zero and the coil keeps...
  17. kira506

    Pleease explain uniformity of B in circular loop ?

    Why is the magnetic flux density uniform at the center of the circular loop ?
  18. H

    MHB Uniformity of Poisson arrivals in random interval

    Given that an Poisson arrival has occurred in an interval [0,t], where t is geometric with mean (alpha). Is it true that the arrival instant is uniform in [0,t]?
  19. A

    Uniformity of Space: Definition & Examples

    "Uniformity" of space I have a question about terminology. Suppose we have a space X with the property that: for all x, x' in X and neighborhood N of x, N is homeomorphic to some neighborhood N' of x' OR for all x, x' there exists a homeomorphism f:X→X s.t. f(x)=x'. (I believe these are...
  20. D

    Uniformity of Distance - Is It Possible to Prove?

    Hello, i don't know if this is the correct place to post this question, but i have been crushing my head with something i thought about. Its making me insane. How can i know that distance is uniform across the universe? what i mean is, what guarantees me that a metre measured from A to B is...
  21. P

    Exploring the Evolution of Universe Uniformity: Inhomogeneity vs Time

    How does the uniformity of the universe change over time? Or maybe I should say inhomogeneity versus time.
  22. A

    CMBR uniformity question?

    Current cosmology is based on CMBR and the idea it is remnant from the big bang, I guess we assume it's the same radiation in the whole universe. My question is how do we know the CMBR is not something local to our galaxy let's say? How do we know in another galaxy the CMBR won't be...
  23. nomadreid

    Uniformity of universe expansion

    As far as I understand, the justifications for the uniformity of the expansion of the visible universe comes from the CMBR and from the uniformity of the red shift around us. However, I was wondering whether theoretically one could make an interferometer sensitive enough to measure this: the...
  24. S

    Stepper motor stepping uniformity

    Hello, Recently,I got 2 stepper motors,one which was dismantled from a blood analyzer machine and the other one was bought from a local store. The stepper motor spec from the machine is: 12V dc 1.8 degree resolution 1A The stepper motor spec bought from the store is: 12V dc 1.8...
  25. belliott4488

    Statistical test for spherical uniformity?

    I have a large sample of vectors in 3-space, and I would like to how uniformly they are distributed. Ultimately I'd like to know how uniform the angular distribution as a function of magnitude. What I mean by that is that if I divide the space into spherical shells, will the vectors whose...
  26. F

    Ultrasound Physics: Beam Uniformity Coefficient

    Pertaining to ultrasound physics, what is a "Beam Uniformity Coefficient"? How is it calculated? And why is it important? etc... I need to write couple page paper on it and I can't seem to find any information about it anywhere...Thanks.
  27. F

    Ultrasound Physics: What is the Beam Uniformity Coefficient?

    Pertaining to ultrasound physics, what is a "Beam Uniformity Coefficient"? How is it calculated? And why is it important? etc... I need to write couple page paper on it and I can't seem to find any information about it anywhere...Thanks.
  28. B

    Uniformity of a magnetic field

    Hi. I've been trying to calculate the uniformity of a magnetic field within a loop of current. I know that the magnetic field at a point r units way from a wire carrying current is given by mu not over 2pi times I over r. I thought that what I wanted to do was choose a point distance a from the...
  29. K

    Uniformity of dark energy distribution

    The question that follows assumes that there can be energy conservation in general relativity: Dark energy is said to have a uniform energy distribution in space.But how can the distribution be uniform if dark energy is created from some other energy source, and energy sources such as...