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1070 GeV in a single beam at LHC, topping Tevatron

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    Woit's blog just reported "A few minutes ago, one of the beams of the LHC was ramped up to an energy of 1180 GeV, besting the Tevatron’s top beam energy of 980 GeV.

    Update: Actually the beam was lost at 1070 GeV, which is still a record high energy."
    The post is dated 29 November 4:01 PM east coast time which would be about 22 hours Greenwich.
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    Most of this is being tracked in twitter, of course
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    I'm not 100% sure the Tevatron never ran at 1070 GeV, although it certainly never collided at that energy. The 980 GeV that it runs at was selected as the best balance between energy and reliability.

    In any event, it's moot, as the LHC made it all the way to 1180 GeV (where it will stay until 2010) a few hours later.
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