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1st year Undergraduate Grad Physics books

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    Hey guys, I am a maths student going onto second year. I wanted to take some physics modules but I'd need some 1st year physics pre-requisites. The topics I need to learn over the summer are:

    Quantum Phenomena
    Particle Physics
    Electricity and Magnetism
    Classical Mechanics and Relativity

    The recommended book by the university is Young & Freedman's University Physics (covers all the above topics), but I was wondering if you could give me other suggestions? I am really into physics so something that would go deeper than a 1st year course would also be fine.

    Thank you in advance! :)
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    Feynman Lectures on Physics

    Griffith's book on electrodynamics

    Taylor, Mechanics

    Schroeder, Thermal Physics
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    Thank you! Would these go beyond the first year since they are dedicated to a specific topic? And do they have lots of questions to practice on too? :)
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    They all go beyond a first year.

    The feynman lectures are lectures for an intro course aimed at the very best at Caltech. That means they are freshman topics at a very high level.

    Taylor, Griffiths and Schroeder are all designed for UD sequences but they cover intro topics too but at a mature level so, if you pick and choose what to read, it's approachable if you know some calculus and such.

    They have tons of problems ranging from plug-n-chug to very, very challenging.
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    I just checked the contents page on Taylor's Classical Mechanics... it has special relativity in it which is awesome! :)
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