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Math 2 year Data science masters program? Teaching Math abroad?

  1. Dec 30, 2016 #1
    Hello PF! This place is so great at helping me with my math homework, maybe ya'll can give me advice on life as well!

    As the title indicates, i'm looking for any information/opinions what-so-ever on topics of teaching math abroad at a maximum of a highschool level and how beneficial would it be to add a 2 year masters program in data science to a math undergraduate degree.

    Regarding teaching math abroad: I know that teaching English abroad is a big thing right now, and I actually got my 100-hour TEFL certificate online. However, teaching Math would obviously be way cooler than teaching English, do you think I could land a job abroad with just an American Undergrad in mathamatics? I have a year of tutoring under my belt already. ANY type of insight into this pondering would be appreciated :-).

    And then as far as the 2 year data-science master degree goes; I as looking into this because my college, at which I am about to complete my undergraduate in mathematics, is just starting it. Data science is a pretty poppin' field, is it not? Would a 2-year online masters program make me way more employable to those cats who be pumpin' out the real cash money$$$? Really though, I'm looking for ANY insight what-so-ever into this field/opportunity because I am quite in the dark to what a data-scientist would even do to be honest :D.

    Thanks PF! You be the illest!
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    This really depends on the country. I know that in my country (Belgium), you would not be able to do this at all, except maybe for a very reduced wage. I think it might be more feasible to find a tutoring job abroad.

    Depends on the specifics of the program. Maybe it's very nice and rigorous, which would be cool. But most data science programs are just watered down statistics programs in my experience. I would do an actual statistics program with some/many additional data science courses.
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    Depends. An online data science degree may get you a job where data science is essentially the new word for business intelligence. I've interviewed many people from said programs and some are rather exceptional, but those individuals tended to be people with work experience and went back to school to enhance their career. Honestly, I tend to prefer people who either a math/physics/comp sci background over a degree that tries to merge to many things at a superficial level. No one is an expert in everything related to data science, but being an expert in something is more meaningful than being a novice in a lot of things.
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