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200,000 psi Hydraulic pressure vessel wall thickness?

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    I'm Having a part machined with a cylinder shape approximately 14 inches in length with a cylinder hole in the center with a diameter of .930 . I have no idea how thick the cylinder wall needs to be. I have looked up and used hoop stress calculators online but I do not understand if they take into account the type of material that I am using. I will be using a high-grade 4340 vacuum melt steel. After the heat treating process is complete it will have a ultimate tensile strength of approximately 260,000 psi. I can get the material data sheet listed if that would help. This part needs to be able to withstand a 200,000 PSI working pressure. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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    If you have no idea how thick the wall needs to be on a cylinder which is supposed to withstand 200,000 psi, you are wasting your time and money having a piece machined. What happens if the wall is too thin? What do you do then?

    You have no idea what you are doing. I urge you to stop immediately and consult a professional engineer to see if it is even feasible to make such a cylinder. This is something which should not be left to stress calculators on the web and asking questions on anonymous forums.
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    SteamKing said it all.

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