What is High pressure: Definition and 68 Discussions

In science and engineering the study of high pressure examines its effects on materials and the design and construction of devices, such as a diamond anvil cell, which can create high pressure. By high pressure is usually meant pressures of thousands (kilobars) or millions (megabars) of times atmospheric pressure (about 1 bar or 100,000 Pa).

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  1. A

    Does water electrolysis work efficiently under high pressure?

    One of the stages in hydrogen production after electrolysis is to run the hydrogen through a compressor and that can take a lot of energy. Would it be possible to run an electrolysis setup inside an already high pressure hydrogen tank so that the hydrogen being separated during the electrolysis...
  2. Dr Wu

    High gravity vs. high pressure: ref. Dragon's Egg?

    Having re-read "Dragon's Egg" recently, I recall that the cheela, being composed of degenerate matter, would explode if removed from their high-gravity environment and placed in freefall.* (For those who haven't read the story, the environment here is a half-solar mass neutron star with a...
  3. C

    Schematics of a high pressure water switch

    Does anyone have internal schematics (or illustration) how this thing work inside? Like how water flow can activate the conduction to the two wires connected? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MU3KQCD/?tag=pfamazon01-20
  4. A

    High pressure gas discharge fusion

    I thought to myself , have there any been any physical attempts or calculations in theory about the possibility of creating a net electrical gain of energy from a pulsed fusion approach where a high pressure/density gas mixture is prepared constantly within a container and a high current pulse...
  5. A

    B Ultra high pressure supersolid helium

    Assuming you could get around the material and engineering problems with anything at high pressures what would happen if you kept pressurizing helium past a super solid state. If the pressures where high enough would you have a similar effect to metallic hydrogen with it behaving as a degenerate...
  6. B

    HVAC High Flow Control with High Pressure and Temperatures

    Hello all, I am currently building a test bench that can input a high amount of flow, pressure and temperature into an Air Cycle machine. The inlet to the machine requirements are: Flow = 71 lbs/min P = 48 PSIa T = 235 degree F Diameter = 3 inches In order to produce these conditions, I have...
  7. hagopbul

    A Is the Earth's core a potential high-temperature superconductor?

    Hello to all Can we consider the core of the Earth to be a superconductor ,for example Aragon national laboratory hinted for some thing like that https://www.anl.gov/article/nickel-for-thought-compound-shows-potential-for-hightemperature-superconductivity That been said , what test could...
  8. D

    How do wet/dry vacuum cleaners work? What is the physics behind them?

    I have a problem designing and understanding Wet and Dry vacuum cleaners. I understand some of the basics behind pressure however things I need to know is: what pressure/ velocity is needed to suck up water? how to calculate the pressure and velocity generated by the fan? (some examples of...
  9. EL_bob

    Magnetic assisted rocket engine

    Hello everybody! I have been thinking about something for a while now. I would like to make a magnetic nozzle for a rocket engine. Basically, I would like to ionize the hot and high pressure gaz in the combustion chamber and then use a strong magnetic field to adjust the nozzle throat...
  10. C

    Automotive Common rail high pressure pump

    Hello everyone, I have a question about a common rail high pressure pump. Most common rail pumps make use of a pressure control-valve which controls the amount of fuel that goes to the plunger. This way it is possible to control how much fuel goes to the rail, so it controls the pressure...
  11. G

    A Limiting factors in Diamond Anvil Cells

    Hello, I'm trying to better understand the limiting factors in Diamond Anvil Cells that limit the achievable pressure to around 7 or 8 Mbar at the moment, despite not being a specialist. For example, is there a special reason other than the tiny size of the crystal sample used in DACs for why...
  12. S

    Expansion and elasticity of brines

    Hello, I am currently looking at a way to calculate brine density using temperature, pressure and salinity. I found the following page which describes the change in fluid density with pressure and temperature : http://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/fluid-density-temperature-pressure-d_309.html...
  13. B

    High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide lamps near plasma ball

    I bought one of these plasma globes, decided to do some experiments with it. Since a fluorescent bulb will light up if It's put near the plasma ball, i tried the same with two HID lamps. The Metal Halide shows a very pale white arc, which disappears as soon as the plasma ball is turned off...
  14. T

    Lowest Kinematic Viscosity Fluid - High Pressure Gas

    I am trying to determine which fluid to use in an experiment. An important aspect of the experiment is the ratio of inertial forces (due to mass) vs the viscous forces that the fluid will experience Amongst common liquids the lowest I can see is Acetone with a kinematic viscosity of 0.41 cSt...
  15. A

    200,000 psi Hydraulic pressure vessel wall thickness?

    I'm Having a part machined with a cylinder shape approximately 14 inches in length with a cylinder hole in the center with a diameter of .930 . I have no idea how thick the cylinder wall needs to be. I have looked up and used hoop stress calculators online but I do not understand if they take...
  16. yangshi

    Can Tire Inflators Provide 140 PSI at 0.3 CFM for Fine Spray Applications?

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum to ask. I have a fine spray application where I need ~140 psi but only .3CFM. I'm trying not to buy a regular air compressor (money wasted on unneeded CFM) and am looking at tire inflators, but very few of them have CFM ratings. Any suggestions?
  17. L

    Pressure Relief Device for High Pressure Separator

    I am working on a high pressure (280 bar - 4000 psig), high temperature (250 C - 480 F) system and I need a safety device that can vent through a 6" diameter connection. I would love some feedback on viable and practical solutions for this application. I am considering a valve, but I am not...
  18. G

    Work needed to expand a very heavy gas under high pressure

    Hi there, not sure if this is the right sub-forum. I hope so. 1. Homework Statement This is the known data: A isothermal process in the ascending conduit (like a chimney) of a closed-loop circuit, which is thermally insulated from the atmosphere, and in no contact with the air. This is the...
  19. y2j

    Reduce pressure from high pressure receiver to low pressure receiver

    if one want to reduce pressure from high pressure receiver to low pressure receiver for example in the range of (0 to 10 bar) what he must to do? any valve can use it for this task?
  20. f95toli

    Can molecules travel "into" a high pressure region?

    I haven't been able to figure out how to approach this. It is actually a real-world problem.but I have simplified it a bit to make it easier to explain. A container with helium gas of pressure Pc in it is located in some environment where the surrounding air is at a pressure is Pe and...
  21. J

    A Material that Can Withstand High Pressure & Caustic Condition

    I am interested in locating a material that can withstand a strong alkaline medium (10 M KOH) and approx. 5 atm pressure... I am somewhat new to material chemistry so all I have been able to think of thus far is PVC pipe. Through my research I have discovered that PVC is highly fire retardant...
  22. I

    Partial Expansion in high pressure Turbine in a Reheat Rankine cycle

    Please help me with this, In Reheat Rankine cycle, we first Expand the steam partially in a high pressure turbine and then reheat it again . How is this partial expansion in high pressure turbine done ? in the sense, what is the procedure followed to have only partial expansion of steam...
  23. B

    What materials are best for a high pressure face seal?

    Hi, I'm doing a design which requires a face seal with internal gas pressure of 3000 psig. An elastomer face seal at that pressure may run into some issues. The threaded connection between the parts that retain the seal is small and the female thread is alum which will strip under high...
  24. J

    High pressure tungsten incandescent light bulbs?

    With increased pressure tungsten has a higher melting point. (source below page 30) 45kBar increases melting point from 3422oC to 3700oC. http://www.nist.gov/data/PDFfiles/jpcrd55.pdf An ideal 5800 K black-body, truncated would be 37% efficient...
  25. J

    Use cheap portable compressor to generate cycling high pressure burst

    There was a somewhat similar post regarding raising the PSI of a compressor but it doesn't provide an answer to this problem. For various reasons I need to use a very portable cheap tire inflator type compressor. It's ~1 CFM and can inflate to 150 psi maximum pressure (very slowly!). I need...
  26. Q

    Charged ions and high pressure

    I apologize if this is the wrong category, Hello, this is my first time posting. I loved physics concepts and theories when I was younger but after taking two physics classes in college I realized that I was struggling with the math and had to give up on my dream to become a theoretical...
  27. A

    Sink or float, high density low pressure VS low density high pressure

    Normally, an object with a high density will sink in a fluid with low density. What if, as depth increases, as in the case of the ocean, the pressure really gets cranked up -> Is it possible for a low-density, high-pressure fluid to float a high-density object, that, under normal conditions...
  28. G

    Strain on NPT thread in high pressure chamber

    Thanks in advance to any help on this: I am working in a combustion lab and we are designing a high pressure tube reactor. My background is only in math and I have never taken a materials or design course before, so I apologize that this is probably a very basic application and a very...
  29. T

    Hydraulic high pressure piping project

    dear friend i am hydraulic high pressure piping project. but i not aware of calculations and formulas so can anyone tell me "how to select & buy a correct material grade for the high pressure pipe . i know the values 1. max pressure with stand = 25,000 PSI 2.Minimum Inner Dia :10-13 mm...
  30. S

    What are some affordable alternatives for a high pressure air regulator?

    I'm working on a pneumatics project, which requires me to blast high pressure air through a set of solenoids. The problem I'm having is controlling the air pressure. The bottle of compressed air comes with around 2000 psi when full. I found out through trial and error that my solenoids refuse...
  31. S

    Shock load due to high pressure gas flowing into container

    Hello, I am new here so I apologize in advance if my question is not formatted as it should. I have an application where a large pressurized vessel is releasing part of its contents (gaseous) into an "empty" container (air), much smaller, that is at atmospheric pressure. I need to know if the...
  32. R

    High Pressure Cryogenic Dusty Plasma

    i'm studying the coulomb structure of 0.3um acrylic particles in He plasma. At low pressure, around 30 Pa, the negatively charged dust particles can be suspended above the negative RF electrode. However, at around 100-150Pa, all particles have fallen onto the electrode itself, making it...
  33. Y

    Is it dangerous to compress carbon dioxide under high pressure?

    Is it dangerous to compress carbon dioxide under high pressure?
  34. Y

    What happens to carbon monoxide when compressed or put under high pressure?

    What happens to carbon monoxide when compressed or put under high pressure?
  35. K

    High Pressure in Tyres, Won't Burst

    Homework Statement At sea level, an inflated bicycle tyre has an internal pressure of 600kPa. The atmospheric pressure is 101kPa at sea level. (1 bar = 100kPa). The question is: why won't the tyre burst? There is more pressure in the tyre, thus more force?
  36. J

    Does anyone make a small high temperature and high pressure pump?

    Hello, I have recently started work as a researcher at a university investigating heat transfer fluids (HTF). One of the tasks is to build a pumping test rig to simulate plant conditions. One of the fluids being tested is a eutectic mix of biphenyl and diphenyl oxide which is similar in density...
  37. C

    What can I do with a CENCO High Pressure Mercury Arc Lamp ?

    What can I do with a "CENCO High Pressure Mercury Arc Lamp"? I'm a high school physics teacher. I inherited a "CENCO High Pressure Mercury Arc Lamp." Are there any useful demos and/or labs I can use this for?
  38. S

    Do hydrogen under high pressure becomes metal/superconductor ? how?

    what happen at atomic level to hydrogen under high pressure ... why it be come metal? any explanation in term of band theory ? or Nearly free electron theory?
  39. Q

    If gasoline turns from liquid to a high pressure gas

    in internal combustion engines, how do they run hydrogen in these engines like the BMW hydrogen car when hydrogen combusts into H2O?
  40. D

    Heat of a solid under high pressure

    I was wondering - when pressure is applied to solids, do they heat up? Not pressure like an impact - I'm not talking about conversion of kinetic energy. But suppose a piece of iron is put in a hydraulic press and the pressure increases slowly. More specifically, I'm wondering about the rocks...
  41. fsonnichsen

    Seeking Text Book for High Pressure Design

    I am building some small optical cells that will be about the size of a flashlight. They will contain liquids at up to 6000 psi and and have threaded portholes bored in them for inserting sapphire optical windows. I have built these in the past and I will contract one of our Mechanical...
  42. R

    High Pressure Valve Opening - Collision Mechanics

    Hello all - this isn't a homework question; it's a real problem I'm struggling to solve. Apparently I'm being a bit of a mechanics 'tard, so any help would be appreciated. I have a high pressure reservoir (~60MPa) sealed off from a low pressure area by means of a metal plate. The plate has a...
  43. I

    High pressure vs speed of sound?

    I understand that for normal atmospheric conditions the speed of sound is relative to the temperature. I also understand that the equation uses the input temperature to first figure the density of air. But my question has to do with the effect of high pressure, we'll say above atmospheric to...
  44. C

    Properties of water under high pressure as a function of Temperature

    Hey, I'm trying to find equations which describe properties of water under high pressure as a function of temperature. The equations are in polynomial form. i am trying to find a better approximation for the material properties of water(density,thermal conductivity, etc...), as the programs...
  45. A

    Generating High Pressure with Heat

    I'm doing research for an upcoming project that involves accelerating a small polyproylene ball using electricity to heat and ablate a substance, creating pressure behind the projectile. Currently, I'm planning to use a material such as tungsten or aluminum in a very thin film or wire to arc...
  46. A

    Is high pressure differential always a bad thing?

    Hi all, was thinking about this the other day. Is high pressure differential always a bad thing? Please correct me if i am wrong, but from the way I understand, high pressure differential is bad because if you have a high pressure differential across a piece of equipment (valve, pump, fitting...
  47. kandelabr

    High pressure humid air and thermodynamic tables

    Homework Statement This is my problem: i have a container with humid (say psi = 60%) air at a pressure of 450 bar. i need to know to what preesure can this air be expanded (adiabatically) so that it reaches temperature just above freezing. i also need to know how much work is extracted from...
  48. 0

    Thermodynamic Properties of high pressure gases

    Hi, Anyone know where I can find thermodynamic properties of gases at high pressure? More specifically I need to find the kinematic viscosity or the absolute viscosity of air at around 300 degrees Kelvin and 330 bar. Cheers
  49. kandelabr

    High pressure vane pump/engine

    Hello. if i decided to build a compressed air engine based on rotary vane pump, it would have to withstand very high pressures and have as little friction as possible. I'm talking about a cylinder, 4" in diameter and 1/2" long. this thing should work on pressure difference of cca. 150 bar (450...
  50. D

    Scope of low altitude tank with high pressure simulation.

    Suppose a company has developed a modification for almost all types of tanks such that when the tank is filled with an incoming fluid (which is at a certain pressure), it stores this pressure and uses it to take the fluid out of the tank with pressure, i.e even if the tank is at low altitude it...