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Automotive 2001 chevy 3500 pickup cant keep the compressor on

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    i have a 2001 chevy 3500 pickup i cant get the a/c compressor to kick on i replace everything and checked fuse i can jump it and it wil works, but i need it done right does anyone know what it might be
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    Why would you ask the question in a mechanical engineering forum? Go ask the question to people who are familiar with your specific truck, like a Chevy trucks forum!
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    jack action

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    If I understand you correctly - and if you made sure every electrical components are OK -, it sounds like you have a shorted wire that blows up your fuse.

    If that is the case - and with the spaghetti-like wiring harnesses of today making it difficult to find the faulty wire - usually the easiest solution is to bypass the defective circuit by disconnecting it and putting another wire.
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    Is there 12v at the compressor with ac on ? If not , assuming there is the proper level of 134a , I would look at the pressure switch
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    Ranger Mike

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    Jack Action has a good point ,,,but before by pass, did you test the A/C clutch relay? This is a 5 terminal switch located in the power control module...if it checks out ok, it is likely in the dash board AC switch...or you burnt a wire in the miles of wiring...ugggg
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    Anything else wrong with the car.

    I believe the truck mentioned has a Vref line that supplies multiple sensors.

    These sensors include the climate control system and are used to determine charge pressure, temperature, and air door position.

    If any sensor on that line is compromised, it can affect any one of the systems that use a sensor on that line.
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