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2012 disaster is solar activity

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    One of the things that is supposedly possibly happening as a 2012 disaster is solar activity like flares or coronal mass ejections. This is a good possibility even if it's all hysteria. These events can supposedly theoretically take out electronics. If this happened we would be hurting because everything has electronics these days.

    We have an old magneto powered generator that would probably be completely unaffected by anything. But I also have a new Honda generator which I am sure is loaded with electronics.

    The question is this: Is there a simple way to shield things from being fried by anything the sun can do? I know how to shield from magnetic fields, that's easy. But solar activity and maybe EMP? I want to know that no matter what happens I can run my generator and it wouldn't hurt to not have all the computers in my cars melt either.

    I am not asking for anyone to refute the possibility of this happening, I want to prevent it regardless.
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    Re: shielding

    Yes, it is possible and although consumer products probably aren't being protected, industrial products I think for the most part, are being protected. The products I developed were all subjected to electrostatic testing. Base station transmitters and receivers naturally have to be designed to withstand lightning strikes.

    After a product has been designed and sold, generally it's pretty difficult to add additional shielding. You might try to contact the manufacturer and try to find out how much protection there is. I used to work with an engineer who had a knack for getting to the design engineers of a product and getting them to answer key questions about the design.
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