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Courses 3-2 engineering

I am currently a high school student with the SAT score of 1230/1600( i know it's really bad) due to which I can not get into any good university so should I apply for 3-2 engineering programs? I am also not sure which engineering to do so it will also give me time to think. So can you guys please suggest me some good colleges with 3-2 ( I am not a US citizen and can not afford more than 30k). I also read that 3-2 is a scam so is true? And should I go for BA in Physics or BS in physics?

thanks in advance for your attention and answer
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Community college can be a viable alternative.
I never took the SAT, but I have a freind who re took it three times and got 1830, he studies computer science bachelors at purdue now. Can't you retake your sat if you want better colleges? :) my friend got bbb in a levels. (Maths chemistry and physics).

Dont know the difference between Ba and Bsc physics. Engineering vs physics? I would say it depends on what you want to do. I do not think universities in the US care that much if you retook your standardised tests, as long as you pay :P I have anothr friend in community college but I can confirm that the average CC's education in the US is not equivalent to a proper universities 2 year education, and many people on here have posted about this too. Even ccs could be a "scam" unless you choose wisely.
how are you academically?


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I took the community college route and was able to transfer to a reputable university, and many of my friends did too; a lot of the courses during the first two years are almost the same anyways, which gave us a chance to change majors and adjust to our interests and goals.

I was looking into the 3-2 program offered at a school my friend was attending because we wanted to stick together... took me a lot to say that it wasn't what I wanted because it looked way too broad. I'm not sure if it's a bad program or not, but I feel like the school or program doesn't really matter a whole lot anyways compared to the student.

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