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Homework Help: [3-in-1] Radioactivity detection, Lightning & Magnetic field strength

  1. Apr 27, 2007 #1

    Methods/equipment for radioactivity detection.
    For my high-school Chemistry studies, needs clarification.

    Geiger counter:

    A small chamber contains a high voltage electric field inside filled with inert gas. When ionizing particles/radiation enters the chamber, it will ionise the inert gas atoms, giving them a charge which will attract them to the cathode, conducting electricity which is registered on a meter.

    Cloud chamber:

    A chamber that contains super-saturated liquid vapours (water or alcohol?) and as radioactive particles/radiation enters the chamber they will ionize particles inside which can be traced.

    That's all I know, there's the Scintillation counter and radioactive film badges I'm not clear about and I heard there's something called the bubble chamber which apparently superseded the cloud chamber.


    If lightning can create 100A in 0.1s, when a person is struck by this why have there been cases where this unfortunate victim has survived ?


    Question: Define magnetic field strength (T)
    Answer: Magnetic flux density (Wb.m-2)

    True ?
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